A Children’s Sermon

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I wondered if I were happy,
Then I saw if I had to ask if I was,
I was not too seriously unhappy,
But I soon might be,
If in the right mood to enjoy some agony!

Ask yourself if you are happy,
And you soon won’t be,
Ask yourself if you are ugly,
You soon will be,
Ask yourself if you are loved,
You soon won’t think you are,
Ask yourself if God exists,
And He soon won’t be there at all.

When you ask yourself unhealthy questions,
You are choosing misery,
And that does not make the sort of person,
You really are or should choose to be,
Even if some depressing folks around you,
Do like to wallow in mud and misery,
That is not how God brings out the very best in us,
Which is what God is always working hard to do,
And so should you.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.