Making A Decision For God

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A rational decision decision should consider the magnitude of positive results that may follow from it, not only the evidence on which the decision is made. If you let inadequate evidence keep you from a decision or experiment that may have real magnitude of positive impact for you, you are not reasoning properly.

People generally make no decision or the wrong decision about God because they consider the visible evidence to support faith to be thin. They do not consider the magnitude of positive impact faith may have. Thus they are making a decision by looking in the wrong end of the telescope.

Very often it is stumbling upon something good and useful by accident that leads people to work backwards from what surprised them through a chain to the source. At the end they find they would never have gotten the picture if they had waited to go from A to Z instead of going from Z to A or waited to go from reason to magnitude instead of going from magnitude of impact to reason.

God can be discovered best through active living. It is in active living companionship we best discover Him to be real. So I suggest faith in God is a discovery that is best deduced from reasoning backwards. There is nothing unusual about this method. Happens every day. You find or stumble on an answer, then go back in reasoning to confirm the impact.

The question is if you will consider in making a decision for God the possible impact His joy, faith and companionship may give to you, your family and the community. Or you may refuse belief because the present material for an invisible faith may be presented in this era as somewhat thin. If you refuse to weigh positive impact in your decision, I would suggest your mind is closed or your personality is sick.

This is why I always consider belief in God as more common sense than anything else. Common sense is what people find and know to be true from living experience and do not have to go about proving. When you do that nit-picking has taken over. When you are breathing, you know if you are breathing, and while others may want to prove it, generally you know if your breathing is real. It has a sustaining and positive effect. If really believing, you know you are also proving it by doing it, and you intend to keep on it as long as you can.

Love also must be seen as a mysterious expression of God. The scriptures maintain God is Love. If God is Love, I don't think love takes easily to linear logic of one, two, three. Love is a multi-dimensional mystery. It is again largely a matter of common sense. A woman may not know why her husband loves her, but she knows if she loves her husband, although why she loves her husband may be the question of the neighborhood.

Why God loves us may also be a good question, but we know He does and if we know He loves us, He is real to us. And if He is real to us, nurturing us, do we need to ask things like: Is who I love real? Sweet Jesus! If you start asking yourself questions like that, you can go crazy. Your work will suffer, your marriage will be over, and your children will feel rejected. You may end in a lunatic asylum babbling endless unreal questions, each opening to another, because you are out of touch with the harmonious truths of your inner being. Leave such questions of coy intellectual artifice to those who have a life to waste. Do not waste yours in doubting.

Open the doors of your mind to God. That is the least to do. Explore the impact belief in God can have upon you, your family, and those you love. I believe you will find in God an ordering, transcendent and continuing joy. Even if you should not, since God is a living spirit continuously aware of every person, it is only logical that you as well as every one should make an effort to be in touch with Him.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.