God Needs You!

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God needs you! You need to serve and help now. Past mistakes
donít really matter. Itís not what you have done. Thatís past.
Start new. Do to help God serve and help. Your sins are atoned
for by Christ. Now forgive yourself. God has. Wallowing in guilt
does not do any good. Donít ask questions like, ďDoes God love
me? (Yes.) Or where is God?Ē (God is in you sleeping. Wake Him,
let Him out, stop repressing Him. How do you let Him out?
Go be kind to someone. God needs you to be doing what Heíd do.)

We need God but God also needs us. We find our fulfillment
in His will. Doing Godís will introduces us to a higher
quality of life. A selfish life is a thin life badly lived.
Perhaps you have not realized this. You will. Just wait.

Why does God need us? One reason is so obvious I blush
to say it aloud, as I am embarrassed by your lack of thinking.
But face it: on being blind to the obvious mankind gets the

Read the ďauld catechism.Ē It says God is a Spirit. As God is
not material or visible, He needs us to do visible and material
work for Him. He has no hands. He need us to put our oar in,
substituting our hands for no hands. He wants to materialize
His Spirit through us in works and actions.

Now say something insipid like, ďGod can pass a
miracle!Ē Get serious! God has set up for us a glorious universe
that relies on order but where the citizens of it have free
will. God canít just go in and pass a miracle violating your
and everyone elseís free will. He needs you because you have
a material visibility as well as free will to do. God just
canít move in violating free will. He needs help in serving
others and your free will is needed in working with others.

Every day God looks upon a world where people He loves are
suffering. As they suffer, most others merely sit on their
hands watching. They may feel theyíve covered the God angle
by going to church last Sunday and taking a sacramental dose
as a tonic for immunity from sin. It isnít, by the way.

People ask me: Why are we here on earth? So get this
clearly: We are here to have a relationship with God
and to be the visible means of expressing His love and serving
others. If we donít do the work God wants done to serve others,
the work wonít get done. Thatís whatís happening now.
If you look around, the work is not getting done. If you
believe, you are obligated to do. You should want to do!

Christianity is an incarnating faith. Incarnate means
become real, visible, material, fleshed out. We are not
simply materialists. We believe other and unseen spiritual
dimensions flesh out, materialize and work through us.

God became flesh in Christ so that we might understand Godís
spiritual dimension is working on earth through us and in
us. When we are believers, we have a duty to let the
spiritual dimension become visible through us by doing
whatever we can to advance not our will, but the will of
God, to serve others.

God is working to spiritualize the world. That means
give it spiritual dimension. God is trying to socialize
the world and give life transcendent meaning through awareness
of Godís spiritual fulfillment in our lives.

But the world needs to be warned. The Christians coming to
its aid mean well but they are finite, imperfect sinners. They
can go off on tangents for one thing. Remember Christ
came to show us incarnate love which, by the Middle Ages,
the churches and the philosophers had turned into wasted
energy spent debating: ďHow many angels can dance on the
head of a pin?Ē As I said, As many churches and seminaries
forgot Christ, they became sacred places where the pinheads came to
discuss the irrelevant. That was the case then and that is
the case now. Such "ease in Zion" demonstrates the irrelevance of the church.

The pinheads come to discuss the irrelevant today when
talking to decide if to spend several million dollars
on a parking lot to accommodate the overflow of people
coming on one Sunday morning a week. It saves them a short
walk. Does this help Christ or those Christ is trying to serve?
Now, really. Get serious. These are not the values of the New
Testament Church nor the Risen Christ. It is the Halfway
Covenant. Jesus is a memory, not a living Reality. They do not
seem to feel Christ is risen in them.

(Creative alternatives: more services at different hours,
go on T.V. with a non-neighborhood ministry. Rent parking
lots for a few hours on Sundays from businesses. Tell the people
to park and walk a few minutes for Christ that the church may
help others. Buy buses, start car pools. You never know, a few
Christians may have strayed into the Halfway Congregation of
the Halfway Covenant. They may be inspired to go form another
church so you have no parking problem. You could set up another
genuine church for the price of the parking lot for the
Half Way Believers. How much good could be done for Christ
with the time and money the pin heads spend on irrelevancies?)

Our jobs as Spiritual Persons is to make visible in our actions
the kind, compassionate and redemptive Spirit of God. Through
our works and those of others the Spirit of God is seen
materializing. We flesh out God who is a Spirit just as God
who was a Spirit became incarnate in the flesh of the Virgin Mary
for us.  We are asked to do for Him what He has done for us.
That is only fair play.

Why does God desire our aid? Because He is an invisible
Spirit who needs our visibility to do certain things. Why do
we need God? Because He is a Spirit of grace adding spiritual
fulfillment to our existence that we learn a higher and
more caring quality of life. We truly learn to enjoy God
forever as we learn from Him by doing for others and
making Godís will visible as best we can.

God became incarnate through Christ because of caring for
us. He asks us to incarnate Him, make Him visible,
through our helping God, fleshing out His Spirit in life.
Let His existence be seen by what we do for Him that He, being
immaterial, cannot do for Himself. Carrying out His desires.

God has incarnated Himself for us, now we should be
incarnating Him by looking out for others.
He put His Christ-Spirit into our flesh. Now we should
be rounding out His Spirit on earth. He lacks the visibility
to do this. Incarnation is a complementary God and human

God needs us to make His spirit discernible, to delineate Him.
We should flesh out God, bring Him into visibility, earth out
the Spirit of God. His Spirit needs our materiality to use
in carrying out the purpose of His Spirit. Our flesh needs His
Spirit to fulfill us. God and man are complementary.
The Spirit calls upon the flesh to use it. The flesh calls out
for the Spirit to find spiritual fulfillment.

Why does God need us? Because God is a Spirit called upon
to do earthly things. God acts both directly and indirectly.
When an invisible sovereign Spirit needs to accomplish many
things to help the ones on earth, he naturally has to use us,
the visible ones, the material ones, as instruments of His
Will. We are Godís instruments to do His will.

However, you must remember I have put things
in simplifying terminology and analogy. Theologians would
rush in to qualify, re-define and obfuscate everything.
Theologians compose the obituary of God everyday
but fortunately few read their papers.

If you pay over much attention to theologians, you may find
yourself wondering how many angels CAN dance on the head of
a pin. How the wafer on the Lordís Table turns literally
into the body and blood of Christ in a magic act, but molds
later, and how you are going to hell if you allow your child
a needed blood transfusion.

The creeds are often crosses some of the churches demand
their believers bear. Odd, my experience of God said absolutely
nothing about a 50,000 word creed attached as a post script
to the experience. Anyone who says they believe every word of
their creedal theology is lying. They just havenít read it all

Theologians teach intellectual consistencies proved by
argument. This is all very well, but we do not believe
by argument. We believe by Christ. We are guided by
illuminating Grace. We believe by love: Love leading where
intellect may not follow because not lighted by love. If the
theologians were right, and God were logical, He would not love
anything as inconsistent as humanity. Nor could HE love some of us.
HE would be repulsed.

The baby does not follow the mother out of logic. The
baby follows the mother out of love. Does the mother love
the baby out of logic? The baby is given unconditional
love. The experience of God is love. The scripture says,
God is Love. We follow love. We speak of ties that bind
beyond logic. We feel spiritual currents above our minds.

God is invisible. But we know HE is. Love is invisible.
But we know it is. You donít believe it? Try being a husband or
wife without it. Try life with a sociopath parent lacking
love. What matters is love! Show me a kid and Iíll tell
you from his attitude, thinking and care if his parents love

We as believers, must show the world may have an invisible
sovereign, but One whose will is materialized in His children.
Our God is a living God, a loving Spirit whom we know, and
who loves us. We are helping to take care of THE WORLD
for Him. We are His instruments.

We may have an invisible God but, nevertheless, one who is
REAL. His children, the flesh of His Spirit, are bringing
Him out, showing as well as they can as believers, that
God is present, loving, active. Sometimes He acts directly
through Himself but often He acts indirectly through others
to bring in His Kingdom.

Positive changes will come from our letting ourselves be the
hands of God. Our changes will not be perfect but they will
be better than if nothing had happened at all. Of course the
spiritually dis-endowed, those blind to grace, will say that
faith made God a reality and from that reality positive
changes did take place. Even if the spiritually dis-endowed
are blind to grace, it will be a good thing for them to see
the advantage of faith. That if God did not exist, believing
He existed helped to create a positive motivation for

But you who have been touched by grace will always know as I
know that God exists and sent His unmerited favor to you to
see and understand. What you have seen, you have seen, and you
know God is REAL even if a mystery. It is just as you, who have
been in love are aware you have been in love, no matter if you
are in a state of love now or not.

Be happy that grace puts a touch of mystery on your life.
Let that make you smile. If they say you have been touched
by grace and are as mad as a poet on the issue of God, consider the
poets. Are they truly mad or just better off for seeing in
a mysterious way?

How happy you should be to see what the grace blind religiously
challenged of America and the spiritually dis-endowed may not
see! In a decadent nation, spiritually insensitive, crime ridden,
morally insensate, sex obsessed and money mean, how blessed
are those seeing a less ugly scenario, softened by Godís grace
shining over it.

This is a truth: that those who see grace live more graciously.
Those who never see grace have no idea what is being talked
of. The fundamental meanness of nature and spirit just rolls on basely as it always has.

That is why John Newton, slave trader and captain of
an African slave ship, wrote his hymn, ďAmazing Grace.Ē
Through grace he had seen the fundamental meanness and selfishness
of his life. He was blind, but through grace he found he could
rise up to see. No doubt exists, viewing with grace is better
than normally and brutally looking with ambitious eyes eaten
up by selfishness and insensitivity for the aggrandizement of
the ego.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.