Belief In God And Democracy

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When public belief in God is extinguished, a light and a hope in a democracy go out. This is happening now. Mankind, that is the electorate, has been reduced in definition to mere apes without a divine spark within, mere animals lacking souls so with no hint of mysterious divinity hidden. Any hope of a source of divine wisdom in the voting masses is being eradicated. Things are down to simply animals voting their feelings.

This is what the selfish secularists and brutal non-spiritual materialists of today are doing and are trying to use the techniques of democracy to do: extinguish the assurance of that higher nature in mankind that a democracy needs to function best. For even common sense tells what is expected of people is what you will get. If people are viewed as mere apes without souls, you will ultimately get the behavior of apes. From people you are prone to receive your expectations.

When mere apes vote, what do you have then but animals voting? If man is not to be a child of God, why vote? To get a consensus of apes? What good does that do? If the dogs could vote, they would vote to kill the cats. They would follow their feelings. It would be the thing for a dog to do. A slaughter of innocent cats would follow.

If people see themselves only as animals, they will unashamedly do what they as animals feel they should do. They will vote like the dogs to kill the cats. And why should a dog be ashamed to vote that way? If man is only an animal, an ape, why should he be expected to be other than he is? Why should he not do as animals feel? What you see yourself as, you will be. We know what the materialists wish us to see man as.

As long as there is a belief in a divine spark in mankind, as long as there is a belief in a soul within individuals, there is a hope of
a higher level in voting. If there is felt to be a hint of reasoning divine love from God latent in the souls of the people that gather to vote, to seek and to look for wisdom of the over-soul, then there is more hope for democracy. But there must be a suspicion of some divine seasoning as well as spiritual reasoning available in mankind above and beyond the low, raw brutality and selfish materialism of an animal in order for any hope to come from voting. Then and only then does voting carry any hope of real meaning: when we ask the children of God to poll the spark of God within them and to vote their consciences.

Now the voters may not vote the divine spark or their souls within. In fact they may not vote at all. History certainly affirms bad voting, apathy, dumb materialism and lack of conscience. But the possibility of an appeal beyond animal materialism to something higher in mankind is there as long as belief in the soul or the belief people are the children of God is there. There is something beside animal instincts to appeal to.

But if the voters see themselves as mere animals, they will vote as they feel and see themselves. Adults much like children will be what they see themselves as . That is usually what they have been taught to see themselves as. They must first and foremost see themselves mirrored in the image of God. This is not only for the good of the public but the good of themselves. This is a great reason why God is needed: that people may see themselves first in His image.

If asked to be and to vote as a child of God, might you not vote or be different than otherwise? If asked to vote as a mere ape on earth created by an accident in a chancy universe, would you not also vote to kill the cats, then shrug it off and say, "Well, that's that way we animals do. When among animals, be an animal. When in Rome, do as the Romans. What do you expect of mere animals? After all we view ourselves scientifically."

I suggest this to you for your edification. If science tries to rule out non-scientific and spiritual thinking, it is dogmatic and not truly scientific. If religion tries to rule out non-religious thinking, it is dogmatic and therefore as bigoted as the secular pseudo-scientists today are trying to be.

Sacred writings figuratively remind us there are Twelve Gates To The City Of God and all must be open as options to enter and exit from whatever direction you come and to whatever direction you go. If you go in by one gate, there is no reason why you cannot exit by another gate. Some go in the scientific gate and leave by the religious gate. The people you have to watch are not the ones coming and going through the different gates but the people who want to shut the gates. Such is the secularized and materialistic attempt today to shut the gate of faith and to erase from public eye the names of God inscribed upon it.

We live in a country and time mildly against Christianity and for this we should thank our God in Jesus Christ that it is no longer an easy thing to be a Christian. We can no longer live on cheap grace. We must now stand up as Christians and stand out to serve God.

It is time to take up our crosses as Christians as we should have been doing for years' past. We can no longer be mediocre, blind and blend-in Christians. This bids for a better, deeper and more spiritual church and a better community.

But particularly is this a time not only mildly anti-Christian but very strongly anti-evangelical, anti-Protestant and not anti-Biblical but simply ignoring what the Bible says. (The liberal Protestants are remarkable for having new and superior revelations on how to interpret the Bible without ever having had any known contact with God.) We as conservative Protestants are truly blessed to be here to suffer the slander, the remarks and the discomfiture. So did they to the prophets and the faithful before us if the Bible is correct. (Matthew 5: 11-13)

We should thank our God in Jesus Christ that we have been given grace to be in the number of spiritually backward and devotionally conservative spoken so ill of in conventionally sick secular circles. (Nor, I must say, are many Roman Catholic comrades in Christ now having an easy time of it either.)

We need to remind ourselves that in earlier American times Christians were the making of the country, and they shall have to be the saving of it now. Christians were the yeast in the dough and the leaven in the bread. This is our challenge again.

Christian witness is more than much needed in this amoral country where now even public belief in God is being challenged. It is a land seemingly on the way down economically as well as spiritually and in many other ways. It should be noted how the middle class has gone downhill. They cavort today as the lower class used to yesterday in illegitimacy, abortion, crime, family alienation and the low quality of manners and domestic life.

But what can we expect from a secularized mass who have accepted a pseudo-scientific view of themselves as mere apes created by chance? These have not any soul or belief to dignify themselves, so there you have them: doing whatever feels good which is about on the level of the dogs following their animal and unredeemed nature and feeling their problem is the existence of cats. Over many a dead cat stands a dog who followed his feelings. Nearly the same observation may be made of men now. This is a dark, confused and sense lacking time to live. It is a hard time to live rightly and with dignity.

But we should not expect God to send us to an easy time to live. Not now or in times past has God called us, His people, His Chosen, for easy work. Believers today should not expect an easy time for they are expected by Him to go beyond an easy Zion, a so-so and comfortable Christianity, and a Pepsi-Cola advertisement youth.

No, I say from scripture that by grace all of us have been called to this time. Wherever you are is where God has a work for you. Whenever you are in time is when God has a special work for you. Yes, through His grace you have seen the need and by your enlightenment you have been called.

It is God's intent each of you are here on earth at this time. Through grace you have been called. That means when you have seen and then realized the evil of a situation, you have been called to do something about it.

Have you been enlightened on an issue that God might waste light? Is God without economy of effort? No, you have been given, as Jesus said, eyes to see, ears to hear, and are therefore called to do. " When your eyes shall be opened, ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil." (Genesis 3:5) He who sees good and evil must choose one or the other. Simply doing nothing is picking the evil side. It is not weeding the garden and therefore encouraging the weeds.

Does not sight and light, that is grace given to you, imply seeing and knowing how and where to go and what to do? You are obligated in Christ to make use of the sight and light called "grace" that God has granted you on any situation. It may even be a situation that you will first think you have stumbled on, but I will suggest for your spiritual consideration that God has led you there. There are few accidents in God. But how you got where you are does not really matter. It's what you do in the time and place you are that counts.

I suggest much work is before Christians and that you as one have been called to do that which may have been revealed to you through common sense and everyday grace. There is a reason you were born: to give you an opportunity for spiritual growth. As a presently looked down on EVANGELICAL PROTESTANT, YOU NOW MAY CHOOSE TO SHARE THE GLORY OF GOD WHICH IS SUFFERING FOR GOODNESS WITH HIM THAT YOU MAY HELP OTHERS, " KNOWING THAT SUFFERING PRODUCES ENDURANCE AND ENDURANCE PRODUCES CHARACTER (ROMANS 5:3-4 RSV)"

The production of such CHARACTER IS WHAT IS MUCH and DESPERATELY NEEDED TODAY in this nation and this world. CHARACTER IS THE OXYGEN OF ANY SOCIAL LIFE. Trust needs it to breathe. Trust is needed for any social effort to work together: family, church, community or nation. People trust only where there is character to support them in doing so.

True and honest CHARACTER in the old fashioned sense of honesty and virtue must be re-found and re-made or the country shall die gasping for decency and trust and God as it is now gasping.

This is a second reason why God is needed in a democracy: Efforts to serve Him produce character and without character neither the community, the church, the family or the nation will last long or be successful. Trust, true social trust in each other, demands virtue, honesty and all those aspects of character that allow people to depend on and to trust each other as they work or live together. Churches build character, teach faith, instill morals and produce the trust that enables cooperation.

Our communities have so degenerated that what is rarer now in our communities than finding a person of strong and honest character who can be trusted? This is a rare thing now whereas it used to be common in America. Now what is rarer than that? Finding a group of people who will take a stand for God and His righteousness and so be prepared to suffer the rocks thrown by the socially disapproving, the sadly but merely conventional, and the vast mob of the morally mediocre? But what else can we expect from a pathetic populace of persons who think of themselves as simply apes.

We Christians, who dare to think of ourselves as more than pathetic animals, should dare more. We must dare to do more ourselves than we expect of others. Can those with souls to save do less? Tom Paine said of the times of the American Revolution, "These are the times that try men's souls." But first today you have to think if you have a soul.

Does not this simple statement of Tom Paine explain clearly the greatness of those times and the smallness of today? The great beliefs they assumed, we have lost, and the strength thereof. Good men with God accomplished great things. They believed they had souls and they dared to stretch them.

Today we have lost what they formerly assumed and were better for it. We have lost what they had to give them strength and stature. We have lost these only because we have followed the trendy winds of superficial fashion and deserted eternal principles in our thinking. Many in our nation became as the light minded fools who have said in their hearts that there is no God. (Psalm 14:1)

God is a timeless truth that applies today as yesterday and will tomorrow. But men are vain and breezy. In believing they blow hot and they blow cold, but as for God, He is forever. He is as available now as He ever was yesterday. Happy is the man who will search his heart and find Him.

Seek ye the Lord while He may be found. He can open to you the strength of many of the spiritually great of America yesterday which is needed to accompany the technology of today and the future. But if you try to opt for technology and democracy without God, which is sick but the fashion today, you will be but half a person and more a danger than a blessing to mankind.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.