Complete Your Life

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People ask me why believe in God? I answer: in order for
us to be complete. It is a coming together of things
so we find that which we were created by God to have as our
birthright: a sense of well being and awareness that is
part of living to include God and as a child of God.

Complete a feeling of being. It comes from development
of the being we are supposed to have but mankind has
been silly enough to lose. Complete is a feeling when
the pieces of the puzzle are being put together. Of
course in this feeling of completeness, wholeness, oneness of
mind, we will neither know nor understand everything. But
we find a transcendent piece of mind that we do not prove
but is confirmed by a higher awareness, sometimes a
transcendent awareness, inside ourselves.

In your marriage, in your having children and grandchildren,
in attainment of adulthood, in significant events in your lives
by yourself or shared with others, have you not found a certain
completeness of feeling? That is the way you believe
in God. Belief in God is a natural thing. In it you find a
completeness. We are reinforced by an inside confirmation
that this is right. The feeling helps makes us whole.

It is argued that you have to understand to believe.
Do not believe that nonsense! Do you really believe that
because you cannot fully understand your child, it was
wrong to have the child? Of course not. Because man was
made to love first. Understanding is way down the line.

Understanding should not be the chief goal of our
being. Love should be. We love where our finite minds
do not understand. That is the right way to be also!
If you say, “I shall not love where I do not understand,”
then you have made your choice: Go sour and die. Does a baby
understand? No, but the baby trusts, loves, believes. If it
did not it would wither, withdraw from life, and die.

What is understanding but a fringe benefit? Sometimes you
get it. Sometimes you don’t. But love, trust, belief. Are these
not real living? Do not let lack of understanding keep
you from confirming living though love, trust and belief in
God. Love, trust and belief are what make your lives.

Are you God? Are you infinite of mind and spirit?
Who are you to understand? Only God understands! But you
are somebody who can love. The road to God is not by our
understanding. Mankind is too finite for that, though
mankind may make strides now and then. But humans are
made to love, to trust, to believe. And God is LOVE.
The way to reach God is love, not second rate intellectuality.
To confirm love in ourselves and to develop it. The primary
connection to God is not to grasp intellectually, but to love

God is love but men today are trying to make a God of
their understanding. Who set up this crazy rule we must
understand God before we believe? Not God. God is Great and far
too realistic for that. The Bible says the way to God is to
love Him Not understanding Him. Our finite and small human minds
cannot understand or even contain God.

The Spirit is waiting for us to complete our lives, raise them
through love, and in belief confirm our lives, find our real
lives through connecting with God. The Commandments of Christ
begin with, “Thou shalt LOVE,” God and thy neighbor.
Understanding? Not mentioned.

When I was apart from God in living, I was depressed and often
sore in mind. When I acknowledged God, it was as if a boil
burst. Infectious, whining, mean and bitter attitudes
dissolved. I felt a sense of wholeness. I was not flotsam
nor jetsam cast away and drifting, but newly united to a moving
current. I was a part of God’s plan of grace, sailing down a
of life as part of a connective flow.

I saw myself as part of the recycling flow of grace. I was
more complete. A true force of life within my nature was touched,
and had been found. Grace is above us. Grace is around us.
Grace is within us. In finding God our real selves are opened.
This may not happen all at once but changes begin to emerge
over the years. You are holding in a grace pattern and this
will gather meaning over time.

Landmark life decisions begin an awareness not always felt
immediately. The bones of decisions flesh out slowly growing
to fullness over the years. Such is the case with
getting married, deciding to have a baby, forming a
family, and believing in God.

At the time a fateful decision is made, you may not feel the
difference immediately, but may be slightly scared. Yet you
will see the good effects of the decision over time as slowly
you realize how much that earlier decision has changed, affected
you and enlarged your life for the better. Such a decision
is belief in God. I pray you will make it in order to be
a better person and a more complete person over the years.
Complete your life by belief in God. That is one very real
reason out of many that I suggest you believe in God.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.