Our Non-Balanced Thinking

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A “values vacuum” is the name for an obvious shortage of
morals and positive values in society today. It is our sense
of the absent and missing mortar of values and morals needed
to brick in life today. In the poetry of Yeats, the figurative
language used is that the “center does not hold.” This
seems an apt description of American society as well as many
other national and regional world groupings now. Our foundations
are crumbling because the values and morals needed to hold
things together are missing.

In many areas the values and moral vacuums have been
furthered if not actually created by the spiritual lobotomy
performed upon mankind by the teachings of communist
atheism in various possibly non-democratic countries
as well as liberal atheism in so called democratic countries

Good people caught in the nets of excessively valueless,
immoral, amoral and selfish society, just as you and I are today.
We may thank liberalism and communism for much, if certainly not
all, of the lack of values and morals that have made our living so
troubled and outrageously empty of meaning.

Spiritual lobotomies performed upon the world and mankind
by communism, distorting literalism, spiritually denying
liberalism, and solely materialistic political systems have
had their effect upon mankind. Value vacuums have formed.

The belief in God that is deep in human nature, historically
proven over and over again by various religions, all of which
show some love and grace, need to be and will be affirmed. Mystics
write, “the Alone will call to the alone,” and God, faith and
trust, that have never vanished will shine again.

No, perfection will never be, but there can be improvement. It is
that improvement true believers seek. If the sun of faith
in God has gone over the hill in fashion, it will come over
the hill again. This is predestined by the nature of God
buried deep within us. The desire in us for God will surface again.
The "Alone" in us will always call for the "Alone" and be answered.
We will discover the unity of self and God that will spread to
families, congregations, churches, regions and nationalisms
of the world.

As for the mistake of "atheism as progress," this has been
in the name of money and goods. Acts 8: 20-21 says,
“Thy money perish with thee, because thou hast thought
the gift of God may be purchased with money. Thou hast
neither part nor lot in this matter: for thy heart is
not right in the sight of God.”

The teachings on materialism in liberalism and communism
that there is no God, because God is invisible, have helped
to sour people on the existence and meaning of spiritual
intangibles which means values and morality. People have been
taught to desire material things first and foremost and only,
and so the hearts of many people are soured and bitter. Their
hearts soured by too much materialism must be sweetened by
grace or their societies will crumble and vanish in the off
balance and off brand confusion of attitudes that materialistic
communism and liberalism have spread.

This is not to say that there is anything wrong with
material things which God has put here for us to enjoy.
But materialism is healthy only as long as it is
materialism balanced by a spiritual intuitive sense that allows
a healthy balanced creative tension between the material
emphasis and the spiritual emphasis to take place.

Life is best lived in a creative tension between
spiritual goals and material means. One hand washes the
other. One arm sustains and balances the other in holding
up the world.

Jesus in His teachings said man cannot live by
bread alone. He did not say bread was not needed.
He assumed people knew bread was needed, but He
was teaching bread was not enough by itself. HE AFFIRMED the
DUAL physical and spiritual nature of mankind. Both claims must
be respected. Both claims represent needs that
if denied make lives into warped, distorted and unbalanced
affairs while mankind is left to enjoy a sad cake
named living.

What we have seen in the last hundred or so years of
dundering idiocy in the history of both church systems and
political systems is “either/ or” thinking as has been
presented by church and state in too simplistic and one
sided a manner. The idea offered is, man is either materialistic
or totally spiritual. The spiritual needs of mankind have been
overlooked or undervalued which is wrong.

The idea has been either/or for all. The truth is, both spiritual
and material values are wanted in mankind for moral balance.
Both are needed to ensure good values that deliver mankind from having to live in a confusion of values and morality that make good living and efficient actions almost impossible at times. In China,
America and other countries of the world, moral and value
vacuums that are self-defeating exist.

Jesus was the meeting ground, the person between God and man.   Why is it so difficult for His followers and those not His followers
to see the truth of the profoundly dualistic dialectic
that lies in the heart of man? It is put there for mankind’s
best interests by the Creator God.

While such truths may not seem particularly profound, they
are forgotten. The world is paying the price for forgetting
this in social and moral vacuums and empty lives. The world
is also paying a stiff price to be so stiff necked in insisting
that the two wants and needs are not mutually associated in
forming a common life.

Let us work for a triumph of grace and sense in the world
where civilizing and balancing spirituality and morality meet
with the necessity of satisfying material wants and needs.

Great sections of the world are in poverty. That is to
say they are materially underdeveloped while other greatly
prosperous sections of the world are existing in
societies which are morally and spiritually underdeveloped.
Then crime, selfishness, self-aggrandizement, hostility
are present all over. Truly we need to develop the world.

I pray for two things. They will not be seen in my time
or your time, I think. They are that the forces of
Communist atheism and Liberal atheism will find Christ.
The other is that the Christian churches will learn how
to disagree lovingly and put Love above and before creed.
I do not hope for Christian organizational oneness at this time,            but that Love, should grow beyond and bigger, to include     organizations, churches, nations, and the world. After all does            not (I John 4:8) say “God is Love.” Love must be taken          everywhere and put first and before all things.

Let us recall that man’s life is best lived when he
lives in a state of creative dynamic between the
excess of the physical and material restrained by the
simplicity of spiritual sacrifice. Of course this state is not
achieved perfectly or easily. But it is in Attaining Bigness, a
love of God and His magnificence of mind, that we find
how little we would have been without grace and God. The
world has yet to learn this. It is up to you if you are a
person of faith to join in teaching it to others as best
you can, life being both wonderful and troublesome as it is.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.