Parasites And Ticks

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We humans are really parasites on earth much like ticks on a dog. We squeeze and wring an existence from the earth and glory in getting as much as we can. Our joy is in our self-aggrandizement in doing so. We are rarely satiated or ever content. As the fat ticks that have sucked the most blood from the dog would consider themselves the successful and therefore winning ticks, we as humans endeavor to leech from the earth the most we can. Those getting the most are felt to be the successful ones. I question this.

Well-to-do earth parasites whose egotism is swelled the most from self-aggrandizement are generally agreed to be the lucky ones in life, in our sick society. After all, is not the parasitic tick swelled with the most blood taken in from the animal host the lucky tick, who has done best on the dog? Do we humans whose host is earth not see that the most successful in wringing and squeezing an excess from earth are considered to be the most fortunate? The heftiest accumulation of essences and juices of the host, the steadily swelling, successfully sucking self-aggrandizement, may seem glorious to tick nature or the nature of any parasite. It is undoubtedly the natural and unthinking way for parasites to act. But to anyone with a soul or mind capable of moral thought, I suggest the unthinking and unconsidered indulgence of parasitic natures are low, very low. And are not contemporary people on earth a plague of self-indulgence on the earth? Do we not see plagues and droves of materialistic locusts regularly despoiling the earth

Humans, the dominant parasites of earth, have not yet sufficiently realized what their excessive and mad selfishness has done to their human host, the earth. But that is happening. Look around you! We can see ample evidence of pollution on the earth and even pollution of space primarily motivated by man’s greedy and spiritually unredeemed parasitic nature. Wants follow wants.

When the fleas and ticks kill the dog, the poor dog collapsing under the strain of so many parasites, is a pitiful sight. When our human parasites because of their greedy uncontrolled natures begin killing and seriously maiming their host that supports life, the living earth, the glorious creation of God, things are bad. Problems of man as an unredeemed and unthinking parasite are evident all around us. Nothing justifies the extinction of earth and the life upon it. But we may notice awful ravaging advances in that direction. But we see little serious action being done about those problems. Lord have mercy upon us, because we do not fairly see ourselves as draining, ruining, weakening parasites, we are therefore fools.

What are the questions that lack of action on such vital issues bring up? Is it settled we must endure a slow and draining death of the earth by pollution and insensitivity to harmony and balance on earth? That tragedy will be caused by our inability to see ourselves as we are, immoderate sinners, and then restrain our desire to ruin earth to satisfy a shallow need for things. That also includes overindulgence of our natural tick-like selfishness and greed. Or shall we prove unable to restrain the sinful nature of mankind also prone to violence as well as greed, and thereby, perhaps, cause earth to end though a suicide by BOMBS AND ROCKETS that extinguishes life on earth. This is entirely possible. Or shall we make for humanity a poison sandwich involving both methods and place life between two sides of self-destructive death? Shall this happen because we humans are incapable of achieving the necessary modicum of spiritual wisdom, spiritual self-control and soul serenity needed for the earth and life to survive?

If ever there were a time that needed a God, this is it. We need to make spiritual progress in the great virtues of mutual concern, spiritual serenity, non-violence, cooperation, harmony, and self-control while realizing that things, things, and more things are not the end purpose of life. We need active universal faiths that temper our greed and our selfishness. We want universal spiritual lessons that encourage moderation and contentment with what we have, rather than continually urging humanity to demand more. Advertising fans the flames of greed and the accumulation of ever more by its unstopping moral jungle beat of more, more. (I am informed by some economists that our national economies may collapse if we discourage growing greed and selfishness. On the other hand I am informed by students of a ravaged planet that the earth may collapse from it.) Then l am told it is a cynical, sophisticated and God-denying culture we have now. The answer is more likely found in flipping a coin than moral thought. After all, “moral” is no longer a fashionable word among many of our elite, and religion is thought an embarrassing thing to talk about. Therefore it is my glory and my supreme pleasure to bring before you what you may refuse to face and avoid talking of, morality and the Lord Jesus Christ.

I tell you a truth in the spirit. Humans are turning into parasites without moral consideration and sufficient thought of what they are doing. Without spiritual considerations to redeem them as well as grace, then people are left to wallow and suck like pigs and ticks in a natural selfishness that unchecked cannot ultimately end well. Unless mankind realizes a need for self-control, to further harmony and balanced living among mankind, then life and earth can be extinguished. We should teach mankind to think beyond following the blind sides of their natures that are tick-like, pig-like and do no moral thinking. People usually would rather do almost anything than think or pray. I tell you, in the position man has placed himself in this new age, I, your imperfect servant in Christ, suggest it would be wise for all of you to consider both praying and thinking.

Now wake up the consciences asleep inside of you to consider. Is it not true that most people live the lives of parasites, pigs and ticks on this earth? Their lives are dedicated to their own prosperity and occupying themselves with increasing their riches and expanding their power. Their lives are occupied with self-aggrandizement. Their delight is showing off what they may have accumulated to others not on their level. Their lives are a social attempt to put down others when a good life is actually helping others up.

It is the spiritual life, the spiritual calling, that urges us to be more than materialistic parasites happily swelling as we make self-aggrandizement our chief joy. It is the call of the spirit inside us that pleads with us to restrain our appetites and live in harmony and peace with the earth, our host, and the people who are on earth. It is the spiritual calling that implores us to observe, look for and respect the balance in things, to develop our lives spiritually, and to listen to the interior voice inside of us where the Kingdom of God is. The Christ consciousness is inside you. It is up to you through grace to let it out,

If you have grace enough, re-orient your values and your priorities. Consider what you and your conscience think your decisions should be. I suggest they should include these: Free yourself and your family from wicked advertising. Get a machine that blots out T.V. advertising on shows for your children. Stop extravagance. Stay out of debt unless it is something worthy of being indebted for. Stop showing off to others. Spend your time on worthwhile activities. Do not give up your life to leisure. Enjoy life but have a purpose in life. Save money to give you moral security. In this corrupt society you need some financial security to be yourself, to be genuine and to help others. Believe the Gospel and live in peace. These are values you may find stated or implied in the scriptures. They may seem old fashioned, but so what? Common sense weareth not out. Follow your conscience. If it leads you into strange places, follow it. There is more to God than the conventionality of this world. (Feel free to disagree with my suggestions, but make rules for your family to teach good values, honest living and that work is not only expected but to be done well in order to glorify God. But be prepared: at first your kids may laugh and laugh as some do at anything so very quaint. This society is decadent beyond belief.)

Above all have a personal relationship with Christ. Be spiritually enlightened by grace, study and prayer. Lead an interior life with God. To lead an interior life, you have only to take a passage of some sacred writing and think on it. Then pray on it shortly. You have begun the interior life of a spiritual person. From then on, it is follow the yellow brick road. But Remember Always your soul is immortal. You will live on after death. Nothing can separate you from the love of Christ, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. (Romans 8:35-39).  


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.