Seek The Kingdom Of God

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One of the spiritual mistakes we as humans are prone to is trying to make others into ourselves. This is definitely normal behavior, to wish to advance our own views, but we must consider whether it is fair to try to force our views on others as individuals, families, groups or nations.

We should make our views known to others just as we do our children, but to try to force other adults to be as we are in religion or politics or personal matters is not rational spiritual thinking.

For example, some denominations have to me, odd creeds. To insist or suggest these varied creeds and ways be forced on others (or that I should take them up) would not make me happier, more loving, or more considerate of others. They would not breathe in me the fruits of the spirit. The Apostle said, if we have all faith, understand all mysteries and all knowledge, but have not love we are nothing. (I Corinthians 13:2 RSV)

The truth I believe is, if the religion you hold does not increase in you and inspire you with the universal love that demonstrates the reality of Christ, look elsewhere. Seek the reality of Christ who is in you and around us. Not in the error of literal transubstantion but in the personal awareness of the King of Love walking with us invisibly and spiritually. The love of Christ is also seen buried in creation. It reflects His love in the love we show our children that is so like the love He shows to us. God’s love and grace peep out of nature in a thousand ways. “Oh, for a thousand tongues to sing our Great Redeemer’s praise.” (First line of hymn of Charles Wesley.)

I must admit bizarre religions may irritate me. I do better spiritually free of them. But I would not hate them or be ugly to them, though they thrive in what I consider an often nonsensical environment. Yet, I am given to know by Christ, that each faith or denomination has some grace that accounts for the presence of that religion on earth as a Help to some. I am sure every religion or denomination has some grace in it.

The more I do not understand the religion, the politer I try to be. Let us seek to love and care for others on this earth. Love comes first, understanding later. We will HAVE ALL THINGS made clear to us by and by but love is what is needed to be given now. After love comes understanding. Go out and apply the love of God. Take the Christ you have sleeping in your heart and apply it where you are or where you feel the need is made known to you. Your awareness is a calling to God. As you see it, you must do something about it.

Christ is in the jail you have made of your hearts due to the doubts and fear in your minds. Christ is in you, waiting to walk out to help the higher forces of love, peace, and harmony.

Let the Christ within you out of the jail you have him in. Then help thy neighbor. In this is the coming of the Kingdom of God. Seek the Kingdom of God. Open the tomb of Christ that is your heart. Roll away the stones of fear and doubt. Believe! You will find Christ WAITING WITHIN YOU. I know. You know. He is there. Christ is in every person, imprisoned until you let Him out.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.