To Believe, Trust Your Heart

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If you are leading a life without God in it, I suggest you are leading an emptier and more frustrating life than you need. Why settle for less than you have to? I suggest you live the best and the finest life. That is a life with universal love at the heart of it. Therefore try belief in God who is love.
Belief in a loving God offers an opportunity to live a fuller, more transcendent, deeper life that has higher spiritual levels and a broader range of expressions of love and feelings in ourselves and for others. It offers a wider and greater spiritual plane of thought and awareness. Plus this is the sweet satisfaction your heart radiates from being connected to the loving energy in God.
True belief in God allows all the experiences of a normal life plus elevating believers through the coronation truth only those anointed by grace to believing in God can have: We have divine souls. There is immortality in those who can be touched and wakened to it. Only by believing in God through faith can the true, full and completed vision of the totality of what mankind is be truly seen. Only then can we see our own full stature, our potential and our divine capabilities. So if we would live completely and enjoy the best and largest life we are able to have, put God at the center.
To place God at the center of life, we need faith. Faith is a shared trusting with each other in a loving God bigger than our human understanding. His thinking and ways are above the mental ability of any person to grasp fully since persons are particles of life but God is infinite. As the Auld Catechism says, God is a Spirit. He is the firm foundation of everything seen and not seen, an invisible, unchanging energy of the ages, a rock of ages from which life, faith and love proceed. He affirms these again and again through grace forever and throughout time. If grace were seen, we would constantly be awed by the sight of so many geysers of God’s grace going off as we have everywhere, up, around and over us.
Grace is sparkling everywhere except in those dark hells on earth man has made by choosing absence from God. Grace does not sparkle there.
Consider then what you will choose to live by. Faith in God or no faith? Is it not smarter and better to go with faith. Why not choose a life in faith that affirms positively the love and grace of God who has delighted in placing us in this handsome world? His gifts of living, love, earth, and each other plus immortality are no small gifts for us to enjoy.
But in evaluating God’s gifts to us, it is only fair to say that if we choose faith, the children of God are not delivered from the ordinary troubles of life. God does not place us in a china closet. Belief in God does not usually lead to a violation of the natural order we live and work under. The rain falls on the just and the unjust, the believer and the non- believer. Nor has God given anyone an exemption from the irritations of the flesh. But all believers do know there is a supporting and sustaining God who walks with thee always. God is there for them in their joys and in their sorrows. As a believer, you know if you live, it will be grace; if you die, it will be glory.
I suggest in order for you to live the best life possible that you have God who is Love at the center. If you want to believe, trust your heart. Helping towards belief in God comes from your heart. It lies in the heart beneath the crusty surface of human personalities as uranium, oil, or diamonds lie under the ground. Belief is there if study and prayer are diligently made because God has placed in our beings a heart with a special talent and singular ability, It is true Scripture assures us the heart can be very wicked, but the thing we call” the heart” in figurative language also offers special services of recognition that mankind would be hard put and very strained to come by otherwise.



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