God Is For Always

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I do not worry about the demise of religion. There will be a place for God forever. God is for always or as long as there is mankind. The true thing people should be concerned about is not whether there is a God but the kind of God they worship.

An intelligent and wise person who is not sure of God is better off by far choosing and supporting a good faith rather than denying all faith, because there is going to be religious faith as long as there are people. Religious faith is part of man's being. Therefore my suggestion is, since religious faith is predestined to be because it is instinctive in the nature of humanity, do not try to deny religion. Try to support the best religion you can. In this way you see beyond yourself.

I am convinced only the really silly and naive try to stop religion or bury it. Religion is instinctive to human nature. Faith is truly symbolized by Jesus and the cross. If you try to crucify it, you may be successful for a short period of time like three days, but it will soon resurrect. It will come back. Great will be the company of its preachers.

So the sophisticated thinker does not try to deny the place of religion. He gives it place. He recognizes it is a universal. Real and wise thinkers realize what will be, will be, and some things will be. Others only can be. Belief in God is one of those things that will be. Therefore wiser persons do not deny religion but rather try to reach out to the future through taking part in it so as to create the best and purest religion that may be had under the circumstances as an option for his descendents.

Using theological terminology I would suggest that religion in the future can be seen from the present as the nisi decree of God whose will shall be done whether some individuals like it or not. Since it is to be, the right attitude is to try to worship and work together as graciously and wisely as we can. That way non-believers may help offer the future the spiritually best and highest religion that can be attained at the time. Thus might come about a faith that would be the best expression of the will of God that God decreeing and man assisting could make of the challenges of the time.

So you see that it takes everyone, believer, as well as the non-believers allowing themselves to be used by God, to make religion better. The idea of a non-believer allowing himself to be used by God is nothing foreign. Refer to the Bible. Non-believers often are used by God. The grace of God uses everyone and everything to His glory. Especially so is this the case with non-believing wise men in the church who support it not directly for God but for others. For the man who helps others helps God. Did not Jesus say that if ye did it unto the least, ye have done it unto Him? And was not Jesus the Son Of God? So when you help others, you help Jesus, and if you help Jesus, you help God. And if you help God, you may not have been introduced to Him formally with a confusing creed, a class and a handshake, but you know Him in your heart. And He knows you.

Therefore let us agree the real thing people should be concerned with is not whether there is going to be religion. There will be. It is instinctive to humanity. The question to be considered is not is-there going to be religion, but what sort of religion? What sort of religion are we going to have in the future if taken from the stale, flat and conventional faith around us in America? Or much of the world?

It is not if there is going to be religion in the future that worries me. There will be. It is the spiritual state of religion we have now. Only rarely does it bless the mind or touch the heart.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.