Acts of Grace

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An act of justice is giving people what they deserve.
It is an aspect of Common Grace in the world like sun or rain,,
That is something given to everyone that everyone can see and understand,
And an obvious part of the system of Natural Law the whole world is under..
But an Act of Grace is different from only a just action.
It gives people more than they deserve or they merit.
It is kindness, mercy and doing more than is expected
It is a aspect of Special Grace,
Which is specially revealed to mankind in Revelations.
Special grace takes revealed knowledge, such as Christ.
It is mercy centered and not as obvious as justice,
Justice is often simply a degrading revenge.

Now never confuse an act of justice with an act of grace.
Decide what you wish to give,
Else you can go mad raging over kindness given when justice was deserved.
People will say that that one being helped does not deserve an act of kindness,
He or she should receive justice.
Justice is written in the unforgiving section of the human heart,
Where people naturally seek revenge for wrong actions.
However, Jesus is the great Revelation of Godís Special Grace,
He was kindness and love sent by God

When mankind deserved justice,
God sent mercy in Christ and His teachings..
And if you confuse an act of justice,
With an act of mercy,
And say a person does not deserve mercy,
Then you are saying that person does not deserve Christ,
Which is true, but who does?
Least of all myself or any of us.
Only fortunately God gives people far better than they deserve,
And so we should imitate God,
Giving people not what they deserve,
But kindness, mercy and unmerited favors..
As we who are saved by Special Grace,
Should constantly do Acts of Grace.
Giving to others as we have been given to.
Not just giving to those we love but others we do not know or love.

Leave Justice to the unaware heathen,
Who do not understand acts of grace,
Let them get an eye for an eye,
And a tooth for a tooth,
A curse for a curse,
A death for a death,
Who declare war for an offence,
And a whipping for not understanding.
But we who are of Christ can do no less than Christ,
And we must do Acts of Grace, undeserved kindnesses,
Doing to others as Christ has done for us.



Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.