I Am Not Overcome

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I am not overcome, only appalled,
By these hysterical people and over-reactive ones,
Who say because there is cruelty, evil and suffering,
God should not have created the earth as we know it.
I find that foolish and in logic overkilled.
Yes, there is suffering in life, cruelty and evil,
There is pleasure, love and satisfaction also.
I have enjoyed the living of life,
And I am not prepared to say that the whole conception,
The vision, should be banished as banal,
Because imperfections exist.
Everyone has some imperfections, but I do not agree,
The banishing of their lives would be in their interest,
Because of them.

I know that without needed opposites,
Terms cannot be defined,
The one state defines the other,
So perhaps opposing attitudes are needed,
To grasp the entire vision.

I have scratched my head over life,
Who has not?
But I do not want to see life blotted out,
And the future given no chance at life,
Because of the existence of evil and cruelty.

Nor do I understand why things are the way they are,
But I know of no mortal who does perfectly,
While I know there are many mortals who have the gall,
To ask such questions, I know of none who have the mind,
Or the character to deal with the answers.
And if humans had that type of minds and characters,
Far more than human nature would be needed to act well.

I suggest it better by far,
To be the sinners we know we are.
Could humanity be human if we were perfect?
Perfect is not a state I think I should long bear,
As I am not tuned to a nervous perfection in anything.
The answer is not to know about God
But to live God as we love Him,
Living in Love transforms us into exaltation.
Mere answers are not a Spiritually Illuminating union.
Harmony is found in living God who is inside of us.
WAKE Christ. The Kingdom of God waits inside of you.
Your human-ness with Christ is what you need to share,
And who you need to share with.
Those miss so much pleasure in their lives,
Who see not the joy the incarnation brings:
That Christ is in us and Christ is King.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.