A Part Of Nature

Blue Horizontal Line


I heard man now controls nature,
Because people may travel quicker in a plane.
Thatís interesting but I don't think so.
Man canít control nature,
As long as mankind is an aspect of nature,
Way out of control,
Which is the case.
I say people canít control themselves,
When everyday I see the threat of human extinction,
Because of the outrage some nation feels over something,
And what this outrage may lead to.
Each self-interest group says ĒIf you aren't fair to us,
Weíll wipe the world out to get even with you,
So there!Ē
Now thereís spiritual maturity for you!
The world has gone crazy on revenge.

It would be better there were no concept of justice,
Than in trying to obtain justice,
People justify crimes of outrage beyond belief.
The people talking justice often justify going to war,
By creating more injustice to obtain justice.
They are like lemmings justifying their self-destruction,
Giving the good reasons they are marching to the sea,
To drown themselves in a body.

Presently mankind is an untamed part of nature,
Marching self-destructively towards a sea of oblivion,
Threatening to drag everyone with them.
How can anyone say?
Mankind now controls nature,
When the worst and best part of nature,
Mankind, has not been brought to non-endangering control.

I suggest nature may be better brought to reasoning,
In getting it out of the present dark night of the soul,
By raising its spiritual awareness,
And teaching a higher ethic than mere materialism,
With its consequent selfishness and short sightedness,
That is so shockingly present around us.
But spiritual awareness should not be equated with the rule,
Of any organized religions or denominations.
Churches start with the best of intentions,
But in periods of non-transcendence,
Develop inquisitions, creedal wars and enmity.
Churches should always influence indirectly,
Never rule directly as power corrupts love.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.