The Age Of Damocles

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We live in an Age that has misplaced its real concerns and purpose. The universe was created by God through laws and principles of reason for love to take place in. People tend to forget love was the real
purpose for the world’s creation. Unfortunately people forget their first duty is love. Instead many go off on a tangent to wonder how all the acts of creations were done .and what new things can be done.

In this way the attainment of God’s love, man’s first and biggest duty, is laid aside for interesting investigations of science and other questions. That is one reason the times are so confused and confusing. So many can’t grasp love is more important than understanding. And which comes first. Love comes before understanding and is more important. As the Apostle would have put it, “Though I understand all secrets of how things fit, whatever occurred, what is to be, and have not genuine love, I am empty, I am as sounding brass.”

To get understanding is a good thing but living more in God’s love, as much as we can, is a far more important thing to attain. Therefore we should seek to attain the most important thing: love.

Few in the modern age seem to grasp that the first commandment of God is to love ourselves, each other, God and His creation, and after this has been done first, thus ensuring life’s survival, then there is time to satisfy our normal and natural curiosity about how things were done and what can be achieved in materialism through technology. But love for God, for each other, for the community, for family and nation and the world is primarily spiritual and we must spiritualize the earth as raw material so that it becomes acceptable for living.

So many today are concerned with the wrong priorities of materialistic technology, blind progress and scientific destruction. Those interested in only that prove themselves technological and materialistic barbarians. Those who are civilized even thinly must ask themselves the right first question: Is the love taking place in the world that all this wonderful creation was created to be the scene of? Such is the first priority. How things happened is interesting but irrelevant in ugly, ugly times when communities, national peoples and families are thirsting for love to be given while they receive merely the toys of technology instead.

Truly the earth today lives in the Age of Damocles , the king whose seat was beneath a sword held by a string. Anytime the sword could drop. In the same way weapons hang by a mere string above the world today. The thin string holding obliterating weapons above us is the power of a few in the world to love and survive. We should be thankful for the fragile few sustaining us.

The weapons hanging above the world have of course been created by salaried scientists made by those who forgot love is the real first duty of mankind. The scientists brought about the threat of world obliteration
through a concern with how marvels were done and no consideration of the moral consequences. It showed that while science is clever, it is also largely amoral and possibly on a moral holiday as it feels no responsibility for the consequences its weapons may bring about. Today humanity is living under the shadow of their lack of moral consideration and a wide non-realization that the first purpose of
the creation was to be a place caring and concern in godly love

Most scientists have been quite patronizing about the suggestion they have some moral responsibility for what they invent. Only lately has the intellectual world began to understand how responsibility and love have become a practical necessity for the world if it is to survive.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.