A Touch Of Christ   

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An issue in Christianity that is most important is whether there is a Supernatural God who intervenes in earthly affairs. This issue in religion is the spiritual equivalent of the Great Wall Of China. The side  you are on determines nearly everything. I believe in a Supernatural God who does and did miracles.

Opposed to the belief in the existence of a Supernatural God are people (usually dulled by too formal educations, or schooled into scientifically closed minds, sometime having had their imaginations tamed into insignificance or, now and then, had their ability to wonder lobotomized by materialism) who believe in a Deist God who does not intervene on earth. That conception is of a God who created the world as a          self-winding watch. God, having made the world, deserted, and does not interfere, but every now and then He checks His watch to see if the horrors He set up are happening on time. They seem to be.

Whether the Liberal non-supernatural God may influence actions indirectly is important. If God does influence indirectly, I think He is not a Liberal God but a loving and respectable God. But a God who made us and then abandoned us to suffer by ourselves is a monster of indifference. Who needs Him? Who wants Him? Who needs a God who canít help us or help us help ourselves? Not I. Not anybody!

The God I believe in acts directly or may influence actions and thoughts indirectly through a long line of mystical, deviously unknown and subtle methods, methods full of ironic purposes and good intentions. Godís good ways and redeeming ironic purposes may be above us like airplanes on transcending flights going and coming from an airport. We may see them but we do not know individually of them, only that they go on. At certain other times I can glimpse, as if seen from the windows of two trains passing, one train looking into the other, and observing others in another train working at Godís purposes that are different from mine but are still Godís. All the trains are going everywhere and rushing to do His will.

The complexity of Godís vast designs amaze me. In many ways science is unfolding the depth of Godís creation. If we may see websites, why doubt that we are to some degree Godís websites. His vast Mind calls each site up to see how it is doing. We may e-mail God through prayer.  I believe God is a deeper force than used to be recognized and is trying to share power with us as long as we use it well.

Good science used with good sense reverently and in awe of the Creator shows invisible depths and new dimensions in His creation that we should praise God for. The multi-dimensional glory of a Creator of  infinite mystery and delight becomes clearer to us. As mankind explores the universe through science, we see new measures of God, and that He is bigger, vaster, infinite and more to be praised. Yet how sad it is  that some pseudo-scientists make science serve A bombs and use science to try to oppose belief in the existence of God. Science is and has been a friend of God in many great and good imaginations like  Newton, Galileo and Einstein, all of whom recognized a Great Spirit working in the universe.

Mankind overlooks that God cannot submit to scientific testing because that would undermine His sovereignty. Proof of God would turn God into a mere machine for us to manipulate. A certain type in mankind would then try to use God in yet another attempt at selfishness and power grabs over others. Yes, the great Creation of God is for our use, but God hiding in it is a mystery for our Safety. Let God be God, a mystery, then let mankind be mankind, reverential custodians of Godís creation, and let science be a  friend of man. Then science may find many new things and dimension in creation to thank God for.

But be careful and do not turn against science even if some try to use science against you or your belief in God. Mankind does not need to have proof of God. To believe and have faith man needs only the  possibility of God. How fortunate we are as Christians. We have that   (All man needs is believing room, and that is given in what we do not know. As long as there is mystery, God exists.) As long as God lies hidden the world will be blessed by the mysterious sovereignty of God likened by Jesus unto the wind that ďblows where it wills... but you do not know whence it comes or whither it goes;Ē (Gospel of John 3:8 RSV) God is made real to us by trust and faith. That has nothing to do with science. What is needed to believe is a solution of trust and faith that acts very like the solution that photographs are put to soak in to make  the images buried in them surface and appear. Christ and God are buried in all of us but only faith and trust will make their images surface, appear and become distinctive. In this way we may understand why  Jesus said ďthe Kingdom of God is within you.Ē (Luke 17:21)

Those without faith and trust live in a non-discerning world. They do not know or may never know the spiritual hidden glory that is latent within them. Some never realize the potential glory of the Kingdom of God inside them that is awaiting trust and faith to delineate it. Consider bringing the God within you to the outside through developing Him by faith and trust. Jesus preached His spiritual Kingdom by telling people,  ďthe Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.Ē (Matthew 3:2 and 4:17 ) God is always ready if we decide with faith and trust to cultivate the Christ consciousness inside us. There is buried inside each of us a touch of God.  All of us at times glimpse in ourselves sightings of Godís grace even if they are seen only briefly and by our minds darkly. The Quakers called it an ďinner light.Ē

Would you live without ever knowing the Christ touch of spiritual greatness asleep inside of you? The Christ that could make those changes you surely know the need of. Christ can change some things in you. Christ will change the way you look at the world. Christ changes the way you evaluate people. Christ changes the way you regard yourself. Christ enables you to forgive others. Christ urges you to help and serve some ones beside yourself.

Will you not add a touch of spiritual magnificence to your life? One touch, a mere touch of Christ, some belief in Him followed through can raise the quality of your life as it dignifies that most precious possession you have, your soul. If not, then the mournful mystery of what might have been with an ennobling touch of God may accompany you like your shadow until the evening comes and the spirit flies far and away.  Think about it now. Consider if you do not need to cultivate with trust and faith the image of God inside of you, that image put in all of us by God at the Creation? All of us need for the sake of ourselves, for the  sake of Godís need to be seen in the needs of others, even for the sake of the world, some touch of Christ.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.