Christ Is Beyond Deserving

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Now, really,
Donít talk nonsense about helping the most deserving,
Or helping only the deserving.
That will never do.
It only shows you understand very little.
Who deserves Christ?
He is more than we could ever deserve.
Anyone who has known Christ personally,
Knows He is more than anyone could ever deserve.
So it is with God, the Father,
His grace is more than we might ever merit.
Those feeling otherwise show they have never met Christ,
Nor had any transcending moments of grace from God..
They are talking Christ as cold as a theory,
A theological principle engraved on icy hearts.,
They are not talking Christ as a personality in the Spirit that believers meet.

If you had a room of starving children,
Would you say only the most deserving should be fed?
No, you would feed them all because they are children.
All people are the children of God,
Those deserving and those not , perhaps, so deserving.
And all are to be dealt with as His children.
Do you think the rain and sun is sent only for the deserving?
No, they are sent to fall on all and help everyone..

Did not Jesus teach all were His brothers and sisters,
Those who did good unto the very least,
Did it unto Him?
And if you did not do good unto the least,
You did not do it unto Christ.
Is not Christ the elder brother of the Family of God,
And all of us members of Godís Family and His ?
Is not this our ultimate claim to distinction,
That we are children of God?.
Our claim to fair treatment,
Our obligation to give kind treatment,
Comes from this common universal tie to Christ and God.

For those who talk justice, that is the Old Covenant.
Justice is a variation on the theme of revenge.
That is not what I was called by Christ to preach.
As I was called to revel in God, I preach Grace,
The New Covenant of love and growth and self-sacrifice,
That Obedience to the unenforceable,
Christ came to show us how to do.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.