Carpet Morality

Blue Horizontal Line


Morality has been turned into a hokum word,
Degraded and burned out through mass hypocrisy,
People’s desires to appear superior to others,
Selfishness, political usage, private agendas.
Morality has become an ironic carpet word,
Like a fine rug or carpet put out to impress visitors,
But also used to hide all dirty details under foot.
Morality is as beautiful conceptions as a Turkish rug,
But it is also used so often to hide things under,
The visitors wink at each other as they tread upon it.

Numberless are the times morality has been falsely used:
Oh, morality, what a charade you often are,
As I look around with an eye for God, I think,
“Who knows the heart from which these moral shows proceed?”
Jesus said, “Judge not,” and I try not to,
For I have an idea that was one of the wisest things,
The Master ever said,
As many situations are too deep and complex for little minds,
Best left to God’s spacious, infinite, pipe organ of a mind,
Having correct pitch and tone, and counting perfect time.

But I long ago learned not to place much faith in moral shows,
Legal rules, and sanctimonious abandon to indignation.
Grace dawns from God’s love recognized by us and then,
The excited heart often jumps the fence of law for love.
Yet I would not be lying to surmise,
Today as shown in four moral actions out of five,
No spiritual intent has ever been alive;
And we would have to confess:
“Oh morality how much evil, lack-love and shame,
Has been hidden behind the efforts in thy name.”

What a tragedy our present morality is:
Fallen from its high place by the side of God, then,
Enacted in not the best judgments man has to give.
Acts of grace, acts of love,
Are what God has happily willed us to feel and do,
But when we consider the empty morality of today, how,
Society has scads of empty laws it makes for folks to follow,
That a well tuned heart could never feel right to observe.
Then for the life of me, I cannot see,
How God today is supposed to take great pride,
In hordes of amoral people spiritually dead inside.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.