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The American emphasis on competition is a shrewd use of sinful
human nature helping in natural survival as well as in many OTHER   and various ways. Using competition as a tool of motivation for
individual and group achievement is a clever insight. This can
be a brilliant and good usage of everyones inborn and
natural desire to survive and put himself first. But too much
insensitively does make life into mere self-aggrandizement.

Self-aggrandizement is not the goal of life. Life is not a
simplistic race for material enrichment and self-advancement.
The goal of life is to achieve our excellence in that niche
which best suits and fits us as A PART OF THE UNIVERSAL
HARMONY that glorifies God.

The Kingdom of God is like an orchestra. The Holy Spirit
Listening and Directing is the Interpreter and Conductor.
He wishes everyone to work with each other for Harmony
as part of the group. He expects you to do that part well.
He does not look to you to do everything, but He expects
you do your part of the action as best you can. Therefore
you are not just being good, but you are being good for something
in playing your roles in the Kingdom of God breaking into life.

We are in the Kingdom of God to fulfill our role in the
social orchestra which is helping to bring to earth a harmonious
glorification of God. Everyone has a role, although it may
not be what you think it is, and to that place you are called.
It is in that role, however meager, that you fight the
good fight, as the Apostle noted. (I Timothy 6:10-12 KJV)

Therefore it is not the rich; it is not the mighty;
it is not the politically powerful who are our and Godís heroes
to be praised. It is the good people among the people
who do their perhaps unknown and unpraised tasks well and
honorably. It is those who fight the good fight, as the
Apostle said, and bring glory to God and benevolence and
and harmony to the world. It is these who bring in the
Kingdom of God and lie in tombs unhonoured on earth but
blazing in heaven.

Our society has gone astray from Godís values. Its members
going down in values, bleating commercials, as they are sheared
by an elite with no wisdom but deny God and spiritual awareness.
Now few understand the Kingdom of God which is spiritual
in a society that is grossly materialistic, life denying,
ignorant of God and sick on self-aggrandizement.

God does not have to bring our non-spiritual and reverence
mocking society down. It will bring itself down through
denying natural laws and those common graces which time
has shown clearly to be evident and enduring.

Do not make your life a mere competition for money, but DARE
assume whatever is your place in the greater harmony of life
that is the Kingdom of God.

Do not roll over others but work with all for the common good.
This takes a positive and patient spiritual outlook. Donít
worry about how to suppress others or surpass others. There are always some richer than you, yet sour in the spirit and beneath you. These, you are superior to because you are closer in spirit to Christ.
Disregard soured spirits. Work harmoniously without overemphasis
on cash, putting first the unity and good of all. Working in unity and harmony under the direction of The Holy Spirit for Godís Glory and     the happiness of earth.

Let the major purposes of your life be praise to God,
harmony, self-fulfillment in God and not money and mere
materialistic things. (Now, I would not advocate unbalanced
thinking and say money is not a legitimate concern. After all
in our society, money is necessary to live in a good neighborhood
so your children can have decent educations. Money is vital
for a nutritional balance of food for your children, for
medical care, for vehicles to get to work in polluted
surroundings.) Yes, we need it, but do not go overboard with it.

Share with others; do not make life an exercise in material things
to shame others. Above all, do not make materialism your primary
aim and materialistic things what you glory in. First, always,
ever, make the will of God your purpose, your desire and
your glory. Always acknowledge the primary reality of
God, that we may reverence life and work to enhance Christ,
bringing His Spirit to earth in our decisions.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.