The Devil Is In The Details

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In religion with its revelations and creeds,
The Devil is always in the details.
Believers argue over little things intensely.
It is as if they stand before a work of art,
And argue and debate the brush strokes,
As they miss the magnificent vision of the art.

Does the Bible have mistakes?
Why not? Plenty of people in it did.
Many fought, died and burned others on this question.
Religion was something they knew but had not learned how to have.
Is the Pope infallible on faith and morals?
Of course not, but many find security in it.
And thatís okay,
But not my way, which is:
Love believes and lets believe.
It is not intellectual agreement on creeds and Bibles,
That will save us,
But to agree to get along in spite of our disagreements will,
And to sustain our differences kindly may save us.
I think our common aim should be this:
To believe, to disagree,
To love and not to weaken.
The church should ensures its freedom to be,
And ensure the rights of others to disagree.
Such is the view I support from the bigger vision of Christ,,
But some people are still lost in the details.

I do not wish to miss the big vision painted of God by the Prophets,,
Because of arguing over brush strokes, getting too close.
I do not wish to be so near, falling for the devilís trick,
And look with the Devil at the details to argue over,,
Missing the sweeping and imaginative panoramic vision of how the Lord comes.
I do not wish to strain at gnats and swallow camels.
I do not wish to get so close I lose my perspective on Christ.,
Christ is best seen from a reverent distance.
That is why I think nearly everyone in church,
Knows the devil sits in the very front pew.
So it is rare anyone else ever sits there on Sundays.
They know the devil sees from a wrong perspective,
Too close, arguing over details while missing the meaning of the bigger picture.
These are the ones giving the church a bad name,
Ones sitting piously in the church with the Devilís perspective.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.