Double Vision

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The morality commonly around us is an ugly morality.
It is no wonder people are repulsed by it. Morality is
often an excuse for self-righteous meanness or opportunistic
revenge. I am amazed by all the self-righteous wars where armies
march over to correct through violence the sins of others.
Often situations can be stopped by violence but inner change
has to come from and through self and not violence.

I find it remarkable to see how the morality of Jesus is changed
from, “let he who is sinless cast the first stone,” to “let
whoever is perfect, fire the first shot.” A large number of
perfect people seem always waiting to fire the first shot.

We might also remember the ragged morality we share and
shred is a compromise between the too little good that
is and the dream of an impossible good that ought to be
but never is to be, short of a Second Coming. So we may have
a sorry compromised reality, a degraded morality seen around
us. It is generally an unclean morality of self-righteous
judgment on those with not enough judgment.

We should remember there are thousands of LAWS AND RULES on
the books. In today’s world there are so many laws, taxes and
bureaucratic rules that nearly everyone is guilty of breaking
a law before stepping out the door in the morning.
Then legislators of city, county, state and federal government
meet yearly to make more. Plus this, all bureaucracies have
PAGES UPON PAGES of rules and legal policies never voted on
by anybody but made by Dept. Heads appointed by
compromising politicians. The fat cat rules of appointed pets.
The world wades deeply in laws, rules and bureaucratic red
tape nearly everywhere.

We have a world constantly making more laws and rules to create
less liberty. When unpopular, the rules are whitewashed
by television propaganda aimed at the ignorant lower classes and
a frightened gullible middle class.

Christians go to heaven by trust in God but they are made wiser on
earth by having an awareness of the sinful nature in selfish humanity
that should inspire a lack of trust, a Pauline shrewdness, about
government, laws, etc. So Christians may trust God as well as
being shrewd about man, a strange mix, but one happy, wise and
in a way profound. Try it. Use it!

Christians should have Double Vision. One eye is on faith,
trusting God; the other eye on the nature of mankind, not
therefore completely trusting mankind. Serving people but not
so much as to be made a fool of by clever monkey minded sinners
twisting morality and money to their own advantage.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.