Failures That Shake

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When a failure shakes you,
Do not blame yourself or worry your heart out.
Who are you to assume a blame that is not your role to carry?
It is a sick egotism of illogic to say: I failed so that happened..
Who are you to take upon yourself the guilt blame of the world?
Who are you to say, ďMove over, Jesus, the Redeemer.Ē
What crass self-dramatization.! Moral oversimplification.
Who knows truly any reason or reasons?
Godís ways are not our ways,
God has plans, but,
People have free will to frustrate Godís plans.
Who are we to know the mind of God?
Are not our minds too small?
Is not Godís mind too big, too vast, too infinite?
Do we really understand the interlocking chains and complexity of things?
As Job learned, we live in an enigma and die in a mystery,
Unaware of the depth and dimensions of the spiritual world,
But because mere man cannot know all, or be all,
Or get everything he wishes,
Does not mean life is not a great gift of God,
We are to revel in and enjoy while glorifying Him.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.