Forced Morality

Blue Horizontal Line


Morality is a word worn out today, a cliché;
In America it implies insensitivity and forced feeling,
But true morality is poetry,
It rises within us and from us.
It is a consciousness of the clumsy, the ugly and the forced
That should be changed, a Quaker meeting speaking from an Inner Light,
An awareness of the natural law of God and nature, speaking inside of us,
About the base things in the circumstances around us.

Beware American morality; eschew political world wide amorality made in its image,
The tricky governments are always engineering propaganda around us,
Propaganda originating from them, not us, to brainwash people through the media,
Or through the Comedy of Law we see around us in the thousands of statutes and departmental rules,
So many they outnumber by far the days of our lives. We are wronged before we are born.
Government bureaucrats are paid to try to impose their new morality on us,
As they through its departments try to impose on us an outside morality,
Trying to smother what we are because we cannot be as they, who cares,
As we are called according to Christ Jesus.

We may be forced to obey many new laws,
Constantly poured out like inflationary currency ruining all values,
But we should never believe them or accept them,
Because they never originated inside of us,
They are alien ideas to be imposed by the governments and the government elites far from us.
They are nothing of us or to us! Eschew them. Be wary,
Of the stuff these governments and their sold out no-soul elites try to accustom us to,.
Because their ideas come from outside of us, alien,
They should never be accepted by any of us,.
Any more than any rape of another’s consciousness is ever acceptable.

Actually the nature of true morality,
Is to oppose any imposed morality,
Not whatever the cost, but we should be willing to pay a high cost.
Shall we sing the songs of Babylon.?
We are not in a strange land but the land has become strange,.
Because it is alien and never came from us,
Or had to do with any of us
It blew in on freak winds and with no natural ordering.

Morality imposed is morality to be opposed,
Not necessarily by force but by quiet determination~
As morality is a vision that arises from the inside,
Like poetry and tender impulses
And to depose of the imposed is the height of true morality,
As laws must come from the inside,
Since the Kingdom of God is inside us.
It can never be socially engineered from the outside,
And forced on others.
How sad it is that engineers and mechanics are in control of us,,
Who see humanity as machines to be adjusted by the governments,
And not a society of free souls rising to God.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.