Guided By Grace

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An interior life with God is a believer’s secret glory, a great human resource known only to believers, because only believers who know God can understand what grace communication with God can give. Who but practiced believers realize how God is a refuge, energy and a strength ever ready to be with us. The spiritual ignorance of a godless mankind is such that few are prepared to appreciate God except those having proved Christ in silent, secret dialogue with Him. In any crisis they go to Him to counsel.

Really, who is prepared to believe in God but one who has experienced Him? Others do not know, cannot realize the full reality of energy and higher perspective that God gives. Those who have heard of God in passing may have some vague idea of Him, but those who have had over years a secret life with Him have proved Him, particularly if they be full of only bookish learning. They have learned through experience over years of praying what George Herbert, author of “The Country Parson,” said, “Knowledge is folly except grace guide it.”

And so will your life be, regardless of how well schooled, how wealthy, or how intelligent you you may be. Your life will be “folly” except grace guide it. But that is not what the modern liberals think. They believe Christian belief is a defect. No, nor for that matter just Christian, but any spiritual belief is a defect. Thus liberals have created many non-spiritual people who are defective in their lack of spiritual appreciation. Without spiritual possibility in the world there is neither the immortality of the soul or heaven or moral wisdom. We have only the shallow materialism, the unwise liberalism, that has since been dumped on us by materialists trying to create a concept of life without spirituality.

Now you and I know that there is more in the present world than is conceived of among shallow intellectuals or atheists who lack any appreciation of possible spiritual depth. Generally the liberal idea of religion is a cartoon picture of a Devil with horns which was taken from the writings of the “Divine Comedy” by Dante.

But I suggest you not be held down by the limitations of the thinking of the age in which we now live. One day this age in which we now live will be past, and people will laugh at many of the ideas expressed during it. Those who think they are modern will soon be a novelty of the past.

If you limit yourself to the folly of this age, thinking you are very modem, you may be laughed at by future ages. We know more from the eternals that have always been of what will be than to rely on the experimentations of the contemporary age for future values. There will be babies, families, husbands, wives, lovers, love, God who is Love and such eternals of conservative thinking in the future. These are realities in man that have been proved by time. The realities IN man are the real eternals. But the trendy fashions and pseudo-realities of man come, enjoy a period of popularity, are limited, change and go. Sometimes they are re-arranged instead of vanishing.

I would sooner bet on the eternals IN man, that surface in every age, than the trendy intellectual fashions and theories of contemporary times. The Gospel says that the Kingdom of God is within us. It belongs to the eternal truths IN mankind rather than trendy technological ideas by and about mankind that come to plague us for a while, then lose popularity, are changed and re-arranged but they are not the eternal rhythms of life of which humanity in depth is made.

The things that endure are the eternal rhythms of mankind, love, God, families, and other obvious things. Then there are inventions and theories that help for a time. I ask you to believe in what is eternal in mankind and are therefore conservative. In my view this is the stuff from which life is made. Do not become too fascinated with novelties, technologies and aids that may help mankind to live but do not live as part of mankind.

Or, perhaps, I should put it this way. What is hidden in our hearts is what mankind is: families, love between man and woman, love of God, all the heart things that must endure for mankind to be mankind. These are what is hidden in the hearts of people and must endure for people to continue to be human. The other factors are but external features, aids that may help mankind along, but they are not the essence of man. But God will continue because He is of the essence of man. The elimination of God is inconceivable if we want mankind to continue being mankind and human instead of some ghastly spayed and spiritually deprived materialistic grotesque. Let us not do that to humanity. No, let God be God and humans be human. The two can never be split asunder. To do that, we will have to be guided by grace. I believe we will.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.