Healing Grace

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Mankind has free will, but whenever, as is very often, people or individuals make or cause a disaster by using that free will mistakenly or wrongly, we tend to forget that a healing grace in nature moves right in to cover, re-arrange, soothe and heal the scars that have been left. We see this demonstrated through common grace in nature as the green grass moves in to cover the scars of a battlefield or a disaster. Sometimes the  healing takes years, but we know in time we can return to see how the healing powers of grace in nature cover and heal the wounds of man and the unbalances of nature often brought partially or completely by  the over use, under use, and devastating errors of free will wrongly applied by mankind.

No matter what mistakes we have made, we know that there is a third party at the table, those we hurt, those who have hurt us, and the healing grace of God. This grace may come to us through the common  grace of nature created by God or the special grace of divine dispensations and revelations. Who knows why or how a redemption comes except God?

Who knows why grace, which is a mystery, comes? Who cares? But grace if it is needed, will come. In our not understanding how or why Grace comes, God protects the mystery of His Sovereignty. Let us let  God be God. We should be the children of God, too small to fully  understand Him, but not too small to love Him. If you cannot love what you cannot fully grasp by understanding, then you are nothing but a  mosquito mind, an irritating negative mite minded and shrunken soul carrying a spiritual malaria of skepticism to others.

As for me, I emphasize grace, common grace, special grace, healing grace, redeeming grace. It is the grace talked of by the Apostle, by Augustine, by Martin Luther, by John Calvin, by the seer, John Knox, by John Wesley, and sung of by Charles Wesley, John Newton, Fanny Crosby and William Cowper, It is no new time liberal conception. It is the line in Cowper’s hymn that applies to the immortal cleansing, energizing fountain of grace that is God :“ Redeeming love has been my theme,  and shall be”.... “Grace, amazing grace.” These people told of God well but imperfectly just as I write, sometimes well, but always imperfectly. If anyone ever tells you they speak perfectly of God, run. God is with us but He is too big for any of us fully to grasp all the details and views. Who can catch all the rays of a prism? Who can catch the rainbow?. We are as those in Plato’s Cave, too much in the darkness of the flesh and earth and too taken aback by the light of God suddenly exposed.

So remember there is free will galore for good people to use and for silly people to misuse, and for stupid people to use stupidly. But there is a healing grace to follow up its misuse or stupid use or shallow use. So I would suggest that you use your free will but use it intelligently. Do not use it in a silly manner or a stupid manner. And if you are a fool, do not be a bigger fool that you just have to be when acting in the name of God. Do not call bigotry, good, nor being meanly righteous, good, nor killing in  the name of God, good. Do not let religion make you a bigger fool, but use belief in God, as the Apostles and saints urge us, to bring people closer to showing in themselves the universal benevolence that is God’s.    


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.