Legitimate Government

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Three hundred years ago kings were considered the primary form of legitimate government. This changed to democracy in time being regarded as the only form of legitimate government. I suggest for your prayerful consideration that in the future the legitimate form of government may be neither. People may finally discover that the legitimate form of government is what the people under it are capable of and what their circumstances are at the time. What may be the form of government for some may be mixed from what their culture, religion, society and economic circumstances are.

I advise you it is wrong morality to force a preferred form of foreign government on people just as it is to force a preferred form of foreign religion on them. Grace should not, ought not, cannot be forced on people. As the Bible implies, those who hear must have ears to hear. They must be ready.

Idealistic disputes are so often hair splitting. I am reminded of Gandhi who informed the English ďRajĒ that India would be happier and better off under a less just and efficient Indian government than a more efficient and idealistic British one. There are other factors to be considered EXAGGERATED FAKE IDEALS, FOR INSTANCE: MANY IDEALS ARE SIMPLY EXCUSES TO SET UP VICIOUS BUREAUCRACIES AND GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTS WITH UNFAIR RULES AND POLICIES AROUND THE WORLD.

Over the earth we as Christians become hateful when seen as part of a people using bayonets to carry foreign social and thought patterns to alien peoples. People similar to needles on phonograph records continue playing in the grooves of life they have had for hundreds of years. How can the Russians who have experienced hundreds of years of absolute Tsars, followed by Leninís dictatorship and Stalinís massacres suddenly give up dictatorial socialization to become democratic? Why do we expect people to be leopards who can change their spots on cue? What silliness!. What lack of awareness of human nature! What a lack of religious wisdom!. The mistake is thinking like technologists who push a button and the picture changes. Why not face the reality of dealing with human beings for a change? Anybody tried patience, that forgotten virtue, lately?

Democracy is supposed now to be the legitimate political method! Democracy is decided by rule of the majority. What then may you have but the shallow demagoguery of the majority? In history mankind has rarely known what is good for him. A majority may get a consensus but a consensus is hardly truth. Let us not forget Hitler was elected. Democracy is not social magic.

When the Apostle said, ďthe powers that be are ordained of God,Ē (Romans 13: 3-4) I do not see the Apostle as saying anything but the people are getting what is due them under the circumstances and ignorance they are in. Ordained does not mean God causes. It means God allows. It is the Supreme Courtesy of God to allow people to have free will and not interfere with it. This often ruins people and limits God from acting. He canít for example send a miracle to revert what free will has chosen to do. Were we more clever, we would investigate His will before exercising our free will, which may mean a disaster. As you know in politics, the people have voted in many disasters, casting pearls, votes for swine. I urge you as Jesus said, ďGive not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend youĒ       (Matthew 7:6)

The Jews at the time of Jesus expected a literal Warrior Messiah, a Napoleon figure. Some were very literal people about the Kingdom of God. They didnít have much spirituality in their thinking. The supreme irony was they got Jesus, a spiritual leader talking about peace, as their Messiah. He was a mystery to them in the middle of their very exact descriptions of what they wanted in a leader: a bloody Napoleon. They knew what they wanted but they didnít get it. It is going to be the same in our future forms of government. We wonít have just one democracy bombing another. I believe the future form of government to be is yet a mystery. In the meantime please stop killing, maiming, torturing, ranting, politically raving. You canít force grace. You canít force the heart. Trying to shows lack of political and religious wisdom. 


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.