Let It Be Known

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I felt it laid upon my heart to write this. It was written on Sunday in 2006 under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit as I know Him and recognize Him: LET IT BE KNOWN that your society is as a bucket of worms squirming and writhing, constantly agonizing over money and sex. The people consider little else. They will not look higher. They do not look above money and sex. They cannot look over money and sex to see higher things of importance. They are obsessed with the trivialities  of materialism as well as irresponsible and undisciplined sensuality.

They do not look to God. They say it is because of science, but God knows better. The real reason God is rejected is because He wants them to be more and do more. He makes moral demands. The Gospel  interferes with the selfishness and grossness sinners are immersed in. They want to be left alone to be nothing but worms in a bucket constantly squirming over money and sex. So they say, “Why bother me with God?”

Wake them up! Wake them up! Say, “Stretch you souls. Go higher for your answers. The times blow a reveille for humanity.” The people need to wake up before they have no world left, and gone may be their bucket to worm it in. The world can be destroyed in any of a variety of ways if they are not careful. God will not do it. They will do it to themselves because they are lazy, purposeless, and lacking all spiritual qualities. They should stop rejecting their higher spiritual selves. They need to raise themselves up through devotional transcendence and prayer. They must be more than they are. You must be more than you are. All must be more and do more. Otherwise the world may not be able to rise to the occasions of potential disaster awaiting it down the road.

Is what I tell you, to say a lie? No, it is the truth. Tell it with mercy, but telling it is a mercy. How can they know what to do without the truth? They cannot continue to be in perpetual spiritual denial without the saddest of consequences. Tell it, little man. The worst they can say is you are crazy, but that is nonsense. They are the unbalanced minds for doing the way they are doing in the situation they are in!

Suggest they clean up their hearts and restore high purpose to their thinking. If they ask about saving their souls, tell them not to be so selfish and self-centered. First things first: save the world to keep our bodies and souls together as God put them together in creating humans. Would a good man worry about saving his soul as his son drowned? No, he would jump in to save his son. Then he could deal with his soul later. But in saving his son the father would have done much to save his own soul. In serving others is our salvation made.

Do what I ask, as I ask. If you speak, they no longer can plead ignorance when not doing anything. So preach the Word, little preacher. Preach the Word. Those, who called by God to hear, will hear. Those who can understand in their hearts are the ones called upon to hear.  Tell them to hear the Word, live the Word as best they can, do the Word as best they can. Hear the Word. Live the Word. Do the Word. Pass the Word that Jesus is the Word. 


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.