On Mainline Churches

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The mainline churches are the rubber stamps in belief of the “liberal” ruling elite of the land.,
Everything the liberals desire is mirrored again in the desires of their tired churches.
The mainline churches of today are contemptible national churches,
Reminding one of the former Russian Church under the Tsars,
Or the Church of Henry VIII.
Or the Church of Louis XIV,
Or the non-church of Reason of the French Revolution,
Or the doctrinally drained churches of American Liberals.
It is debilitating to see the clergy mirror the governments and its desires,
Proclaim the Gospel from Non-Spiritual universities,
Or advocate from the pulpit what the” ruling” would have you believe.
What the ruling would have you believe is to keep believing,
Whatever may keep them ruling.

We have spiritual flim-flam organizations advertising themselves as churches,
Yet having no interior life that a really spiritual church requires.
As for me, I know that in them: “I haven’t heard nobody pray.”
I have seen the secular times buy Christ out of them. The churches made for money are:
Passive reflections of maimed belief supporting sick actions in value perverted societies,
That downgrade belief and seek money in telling the religious how to be religious.

The church is upside down all over the earth. The bottom rail is put on top.
Doubt is deified. Morals run wild.
Churches are run by leaders who are lazy, liberal and overly-intellectual.
Leaders and believers totally lacking in Common Sense spiritual wisdom,
Without shrewdness in their mission to spiritualize the flesh.,
Yet trying to declare a war between what is knowledge and what is spiritual,
Like the ones who have made the mainline churches the laughing stocks they are,
Deeply sinful, often comic,
But the Spirit has gone away.
And as much as I have attended upon the means of grace in mainline churches,
As the Old Spiritual song implies,
I don’t think I heard a prayer,
That had what sounded like belief in a really active God behind it.

Think on these things: They may be truths.
You are best to be out of the flim-flam cults,
At one end of the Christian spectrum,
And away from the mainline semi-national denominations,
At the other end of the spectrum.
When the government and the church too well agree,
Some conniving purpose has contrived their unity.
The government and church were made in different shapes to perform different duties.
The church, for example is made like a lamb,
The government and the ruling elite are political lions in power,
And when they lie down together,
The lamb should lie awake awaiting the inevitable dupe,
Sleeping with one eye open, searching about,
On guard for its spiritual life,
Against the lions whose sole desire is to protect their pride.
Go thou and do likewise.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.