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Manners are important. Your manner is the way you treat people. Manners show your consideration of others. Do you consider their dignity? In your relations with others, do you validate their self-worth? Do you follow social forms with which those persons you are talking to  feel comfortable?

A grace filled person has manners since he does not wish to hurt others if it can be helped. If a person is only half filled with grace, sees only two STAGES of grace, is even a one grace person, he should still have manners.

If empty of grace, not having a drop of spiritual sympathy in your  miserable consciousness of life, existing in a state of horrible and depraved spiritual poverty, totally blind to any illuminating divine light, no matter, still you ought to consider others enough to have good manners. Do you want to witness to the world you are a materialist a barbarian without spiritual considerations? Show a lack of manners. You will.

We exist in an incredibly rude and hostile society. Good manners have gone to nearly zero while everyone  is rudely chasing after money. IT IS A LAND THAT IS REJECTING, IGNORING and DISREGARDING  MANNERS. That is not right. Such behavior is not worthy of spiritual persons of any faith. Christians should know better. Practice better.

I preach manners, not etiquette. Etiquette concerns minor issues of ritual and propriety, as in the Diplomatic Corps, but to practice etiquette is a  personal choice of no spiritual relevance. Manners are a must. They reflect your spiritual state inside and your sympathetic identification with others.

Knowing correct etiquette is nice for certain situations. But manners are important in all situations. Manners are not unimportant actions. No matter concerning  the feelings and self-esteem of others is unimportant.

Everyone is a child of God and should be seen as a child of God and treated with manners. Also children should be taught manners as children learn catechisms. The children may not see the meaning of a catechism answer now, but it may impact them later. It is the same with their manners. Good manners are part of the preparation to be spiritual and caring persons. Let children learn early that people of all views, all colors, all creeds, all classes are to be respected as children of God and treated considerately. The children of God should be polite and take pride in their persons.    



Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.