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Marrying is said by the Bible to be a permanent commitment. In marrying the Bible says a believer is not supposed to be “yoked” to a
non-believer, but often in today’s marriages two non-believers are yoked to each other long before one of them becomes a believer. It is said by some to be troubling to the spiritual unity of the marriage when one of the partners discovers an awareness of Christ’s presence in the world. This may be so short range, but not in long range thinking. A believer in the marriage should have a positive affect. God’s eye is on the believer trying to bring the positive peace and virtues of Christianity to the marriage union.

Now it is not appropriate that one discovers God who is All- Good and then dares to use the new Sense of the All- Good or God as an excuse to do evil or to get divorced. The discovery of the Good must lead to
more good. The discovery of God must lead to more godliness. The mission of those redeemed through Christ’s grace is to lead others who live in darkness to spiritual light. Of course it is not always an easy
task to elevate the quality of being of another.

The sun gives its light to the darkness and thereby brightens the night and the bleak and lackluster look of things. Grace spreads grace. It brings more grace. The inborn, felt inner duty of those receiving wonderful grace is to carry the enlightenment of grace further. Any believer who knows he or she is an unworthy recipient of magnificent grace feels he or she must spread the grace that gives joy onward and around. Those who have been illuminated, will illuminate. This is only common sense.

Is not the Gospel the good news of Grace? The conversion of a spouse or anyone to the Lord Jesus comes by grace. It is therefore a divine act of the grace of God that has introduced special saving grace into a home where only common has been unknown. Common grace is already known in any home through the blessings of God in creation and nature, but special grace, the compassion of a saving Christ may not have been known yet. But God has not turned His back. Saving Grace has now been introduced into that home through the divine grace of God that has touched a member of it. Where there is a couple, a spouse has been touched by grace. Where there is a family, a member of that family has been enlightened in grace to the love of God. That divine love is at the ultimate center of the universe just as love is the ultimate center of a family.

Those spouses who have received grace pave the way for more grace. So when in a family, a member becomes Christian, not just on the church rolls but in personal outlook, the family has begun a new quality
of life. It is now a family of grace rising in awareness towards God. If a couple is involved, the one who has been transfigured by grace has now obtained a new and higher understanding of the universe.
A higher quality of life has been introduced into the family.

It is difficult of course for the one who goes first in any undertaking. The one who introduces Christianity into a family or a marriage cannot expect an easy time of it at first. But have we been given grace as Christians for an easy time? No, naturally not. But His grace will prove sufficient. The new family member in Christ can always remember that every step of the way Jesus walks beside them and nothing can separate them from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus. The new Christian in the family or marriage is never alone, God, through the person of His Holy Spirit, is always there.

If Christianity, real Christianity, comes into a home or a marriage, then that home and marriage is ultimately changed for the better. If not at first, it will be later. Hard feelings over the change of world view will one day melt away in the majority of cases. Things are changed because grace has come into the lives of one of the family. Where grace has illuminated, then those whose lives have been illuminated, will illuminate others.

I am convinced that when anyone meets Christ, it is the grace of God, and grace is providence and providence is seen by secular pagans as luck. So if you are chosen to be a real believer in a family unaware of God, you have been selected by grace, designated by God. This is in spite of any defects you may have, and all have defects, being mortals and sinners. You are called to be a light in the darkness about you.
The spouse you have or the family you are in will be lucky. Fortunate is any house without God that finds a new believer in it.

So it is high time to awaken out of the doubts that put you to sleep. Be filled with benevolence and peace in God through grace. Give thanks that you have awakened from the sleep of the soul that marks the secular world around you. Step forward in Christ to fill with spiritual conviction the vacuums of values and belief that the secular society has left in your marriages and your homes.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.