On Judging Others

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The true reality of things is the inner attitude we have, and that is how God judges us. But the inner attitude of others is really known only to God. How are we then to make correct judgments? We rarely lack insight in everyday life into what the inner attitude of others may be. Social customs do not consider it polite to share your inner attitudes, and there exists a tendency not to believe those who share their inner attitudes with us anyway.

There are moments of social lightning in which we may see in a flash an inner attitude of others, but then whatever we see may be one attitude but not the complete attitudes of others. Then we have seen one attitude, but we do not know all their attitudes, the full picture. We are still hesitant to judge without the full picture before us if we are trying to be fair-minded people. But some people are not trying to be fair minded. Many frankly do not give a flip;

So we are in a world where the important things we need to know are kept to self in a largely secret reality, but then we move and have our being on a second level of reality that is “catch as catch can.” I see clearly why Jesus said, “Judge not that ye be not judged.”        (Matthew 7:1)

But in this world we often have to judge. People then come up with their own methods. This is, perhaps, not morally right but they do. One way to judge is by social class. People often judge others by the social class the others are in. Christians simply are not supposed to do this, but many do. This is supposed to be God’s world where everyone is treated fairly, but that is rarely so. From what I have seen fair judgment is the exception rather than the rule. Many people judging do not believe in God, and to me that makes them shaky about the existence of absolute values. On the other hand, to be honest, many of those believing in God, have a belief so shallow as to be morally irrelevant.

Then some people judge others by money. Again this has to do with social class, and money is almost the same thing as social class, But judgment influenced by money or the moneyed seems to me to be the greatest motivation of non-legal social verdicts and many times even legal judgments. Anyone who does not see this, I think, is something of a fool.

Legal judges who are created by political appointments are influenced often by the political networking that appointed them. In fact this is why many of the legal judges were appointed, so why should political appointments not be paid back? Politics was the reason for their appointment. Plus that we live in a period when major laws seem cut largely out of thin air by agnostic and atheistic minds. How could we say otherwise in an era when life is put down in abortions of children who have been conceived? Sparta exposed children who were handicapped. We kill babies who are not convenient. Here we see the actions of two pagan societies with a concurrent theme. Sparta stands superior.

Then there are those who look upon the veneer of formal schooling as the factor to judge by. I question this greatly. Education is no guarantee of anything achieved in inner attitude. In fact, I would suggest that our present best schooled classes in Western countries are adequate proof of what education does not accomplish for people. They have been freed from the spiritual life seemingly to bring the blessings of amoral hedonism to civilization. It is a decadent step backwards, a retrogression to a Babylon now updated with Atomic Bombs to dance around in place of idols.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.