On Preaching

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Do you think God does not know what is happening today in the
way of decadence? America may soon prove but a hopeful mirage
in a desert of history quickly passing. There is before us
an American challenge. What is to be the American response or
the world response. Many other countries are in the same
circumstances of degeneracy and decadence as America is.

Do not later plead ignorance of the circumstances of American
decadence as some Germans did on the existence of concentration
camps for Jews. I have clearly told you of it. You may
investigate it for yourself. I believe some may deny it, but
the truth rehearsed before you is worthy of being investigated.
Therefore what has been put upon me by the Holy Spirit to
verbalize has been said. I suggest you have heard the Word of
the Lord in this. As the Karl Barth, a theologian, said,
continuing revelation of the Word of God tends to come through
conservative preaching that does not take human reasoning and
try to pass it off as the commandments of God as liberal
preaching often does.

Pray and use your intelligence on this. God is full of
grace and still with us. If we deal with the truths of our day,
respond rightly and creatively to challenges, then rediscover
self-discipline and modify self-indulgence, I believe the nation
may continue greatly.

If we do not choose to face spiritual reality, I see the
time of the nation dwindling, not all at once, but in
lingering away to a bitter materialistic ending.

Of course I may be wrong. Or I may be partially wrong.
Again I may be right. Or I may be only partially right.
But I have made you aware. I have preached the Word,
“I have fought a good fight.” (II Timothy 4: 7)

If you understand the point I call to your attention, it is
not because of me but through grace given to you that you
understand me. For with God is the Fountain of Life. Through
His life we aroused to life, and through His Light we see light
(Psalm 36:9 )

When preaching goes on only God knows who is spiritually ready to
hear. “I AM” (Hebrew translation of the name of God) always
surprises me with the hearers. Sometimes I am stunned by them.
God moves hearts and minds by preaching. Convictions, not
just of sin, but affirmation of various true doctrines of the
dignity of humanity are confirmed. The Word goes out to clean
the hearts of the people. It is felt burning and searing. Then,
back comes agreement echoed by heart felt minds on hearing it.
So do not hurry an awareness of God if you do not feel it
as you think you ought. A walk in the dark is sometimes
better than a walk in the light. God has not forgotten
you nor will he forget anyone.

But states of awareness, states of grace, come as meant to
come, as grace wills. Do not be angry with others because they
do not see as you do. Do not be mad at yourself because you
cannot do as you might feel. Feel what you feel and see what
you see. But “Rest in the Lord, wait patiently for Him.” (Psalm
37: 7) God will pull the pieces of the puzzle together in time.
The mind is too small to see God’s plans in all their
gloriosity now. We are heavens away from understanding fully.
The Apostle knew a man caught up to the third heaven, but in
paradise he did not understand it all but heard unspeakable
words not lawful for mere men to utter. (II Corinthians 12: 4)

Ultimately the waves go rolling into place as the Spirit moves
upon the troubled waters. “The steps of a good man are ordered
by the Lord.” (Psalm 37: 23 ) The Spirit cannot be rushed. Let
things come in their steps as the Spirit has appointed. In times
anointed shall we be made magnificently aware. Why try to rush
or take by violence or force the Kingdom of God?

Time is but a carpet rolled out for God. Who can tell Him how
to walk it or when? Faith and trust are called for. Deal
with it. God can bear you up if you will trust Him. But LACK

Be confident about God or be mean spirited without God and
miserably confused without Him. Either way, God goes on.
Choose that which you wish to be: confident in Christ,
or whining there is no purpose and no God. Choose
the mood you wish to live your life in. Choose the frame of
mind you wish to pass on to your children and grandchildren.
Your choice will have serious meaning for your and their lives.
I urge you to follow Christ.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.