Proving God Through Action

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If you desire to better, deepen, fulfill, or energize your life
towards a happier goal, first you must transform your spiritual
emotional life. To improve or transform anyoneís emotional life,
it is best to deepen your spiritual life. That means getting
In touch with the Kingdom of God. To get in touch with God,
you must first assume there is a God.

Assume there is a God. Try to apply His principles
to reality. Through applying benevolence, concern,
compassion, tolerance to others as well as patience to the
reality plight, you may find to your amazement there is a
spiritual current outside yourself that your efforts will fuse
into. There is a Spiritual Force outside helping us as we try
to push along the Spiritual Force inside of us. You may be
tapping into forces that begin to work through you. You will
be merging your spiritual current into the great magnetic force
of the Universal World Spirit that is always charging,
recycling, purifying, and refreshing the universe.

To recognize the spiritual Kingdom, to trace the lines,
to recognize God at work, to be convinced of Godís existence, is
through starting a private or small semi-private project with
God as your co-worker and sponsor. It must be undertaken for
benevolent reasons. It involves prayer and working in constant
communication through experiment and dialogue with God. If you
are a non-believer, first you may feel uncomfortable talking
to God, but you soon find God is not talking back literally
but affecting your feelings and your view of things so you sense
what is true and right without Godís saying a word. Godís
communications are felt and seen, but are usually non-verbal.

God comes into spiritual focus as you work with Him
for some good for others. Yet you must stick to your purpose,
work hard and pray actively. You must realize things do not
have to go just your way. God is subtle and ironic in His ways.
He moves by inches, not yards. His diversions are curious. His
mind is beyond ours.

But with the grace of God working through you, you may not
see God in the flesh, but you will be aware of Him. You will
know from working with Him that the Redeemer liveth. In your
your life you will have seen God working from behind
the curtain of materialism that hides so much from us,
but not all. Through His grace, we see His glory.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.