Respect Other Faiths

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We must respect other faiths. You have such a wrong
idea if you see other denominations of faith only as
competing creeds. We may pick one denomination or creed to
support but that does not mean we have to be narrow and literal
about the place of other denominations and creeds.

Almost every faith and denomination shows God in some
singular different shade of light that is all its own. This
may be because people adapt God to their temperaments and
needs. Or it may be that God adapts to people’s temperaments,
areas and geographic needs. After all I believe God adapted
to mankind by becoming the man, Jesus, to redeem us.

God is not fully appreciated until we see the whole picture
of God as a rainbow of light. We begin to see the lights of
all denominations as next door to each other.
God is a rainbow of light only fully appreciated when we
see the lights of faith shining beside each other. In the
glory of the complementary colors of the rainbow
we see the larger picture and feel truly feel how
great God is.

I see the symbol of the Holy Spirit not as a dove
but a peacock spreading its tail and exhibiting
in pride and awe the magnificent intricacy and variety of
the Holy Spirit shown in its spreading tail.

I say, “Let a thousand stars come out.”
There is no reason to fight over which spiritual
star graces best. There is no way to justify an ugly
dispute over which spiritual star exceeds all.
That star that is the best for you is the one
that is your calling to follow as the Three Wise Men sought
after theirs. Enjoy all the stars and the glorious
Creation of the Magnificent Spirit that is God.
But follow your spiritual star as the wise men did.
How will you know it? As always, grace will show it.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.