Returning God's Love

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God is The Spirit of a love for us that is absolutely
irrational and totally non-explicable. When we experience
Christ, we do not understand why we deserve such love. Nor do
we really understand the origin of this Spiritual Personality of
sympathy and compassion that draws us up to Him to invigorate us.

On finding love, do you really begin an intellectual
discussion? Of course not, you return it. Love for God is
something we cannot do perfectly but we do naturally. Spiritual
Love is latent inside of us waiting to be tapped. Understanding
is an obsession, an addiction, an excuse not to be. Our duty
is to return a love not fully understood. Why not?

After all a man does not fully understand his wife, nor any
father his children, nor a mother her family. Yes, reason is
wanted in love, but it is common sense and everyday reason that
helps us step out on the harmonious music of God and keep
the right beat. But it is moral reason, caring reason, loving
reason beyond our small and selfish minds that is needed.

Why? Is a tomato called upon to understand the vine,
soil and sun that nourishes it? No, the tomato is called
upon to glory in the grace of the vine. Must the morning glory
flower understand the vine? No, it has a call to be, not to
know. We are called upon to meet Christ, to know God
and To Be. To love and enjoy God.

Why deny our being under the excuse of not knowing? Knowing
is interesting but being is what life is all about. Therefore
I preach to you the changing World of God created by the Word
of God that is found in scripture. And why deny the deeply
personal need for God because of a shallow intellectual whim
to understand what is too deep for the human mind anyway?

I am called to preach to you the Word of God, the news
Christ has come to earth because God is love. Many try to
manipulate God for gain. No, go to God only to be with
God and of God. When you do for God, do that from being
united to God, part of the vine that is universal grace, sometimes
feeling in yourselves the touch of glory that is being understood
and used by God, receiving little but living Christ, sharing
the Good News of the Gospel which is, there is a God.
We know this because Christ has come. His love reaches out
towards us today and forever. Our duty is not to understand
it, but to return it.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.