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If you are right,
That makes somebody else wrong,
What good does that do?
Your attitude of right and your enjoyment of your superior rightness,
May make whatever truth you have to say off key and out of tune.

The person who knows the right must be very gracious,
Doing rather than talking, signing as do translators for the deaf.
A word said is only a shallow passing breath,
But an action from inside of you demonstrates the genuineness of you.
Do meaningful gestures as signings that show forth your faith,.
And afterwards the less said to anyone, the better.

The knowledge of right is a blessing of grace given you,,
But your being right is a cross others may have to bear,
As your being right may alienate rather than captivate.
If so, consider being non-verbal in your approach.
You know you have received grace in this matter,
And the people will see it who are called by grace to see it.
You do not have to rub it in,
By trying to call attention to yourself,
As a person used is an instrument of grace.
To have been an instrument of grace is no small thing,
So step aside or out of your personality,,
And let grace walk free of the wound that is your personality,
Letting grace free of the flesh that was used by it,,
Grace going where God has destined it to go..


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.