The Experience

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This universe in which our planet, the world, is has a spiritual dimension. The world offers a good life to us by itself, but the very best lives we can live on it include touching the spiritual dimension the universe offers. This dimension is a higher spiritual level whose existence has been attested to for thousands of years by all sorts of believers and many others who have experienced it. Touching the spiritual dimensions enlarges and deepens your life. You are missing out on the fullest life if your outlook is limited to one literal dimension and lacks touching the spiritual dimension.

The dimensions of the universe do not conflict. They complement each other. I suggest you look at the  world as a compilation of truth and facts. A Scientist deals with facts and a minister deals with truth. The two are not opposed to each other but complement each other. In the Modern Age the two have little interest in each other, but this division cannot be resolved at the present time. Yet I have every faith in ultimate time both fact and truth will be joined together.

When I first had an experience of God, I knew immediately that here wasTruth. This was not just fact. God is not received like a fact. That is not by our choice. We simply open up in awe before Him as a flower I saw called the “morning glory,” opened in the sun. In the room where I was praying alone, first I had the sense of an invisible spiritual Personality.

This understanding Personality radiated sympathy, compassion, warmth, total understanding and even loving amusement which seemed to me like a mother playing with her baby in a loving but delightfully  amused fashion. Towards the end of this event, when feeling absolutely refreshed, wanted and clean, I felt  my consciousness return to the room, which I had never actually left, but I was returning in a mood of  wonder and joy. I found my sense of touch to be far more sensitive to the beauty of texture than it had ever been. My senses were sharpened. I was full of satisfaction and happiness. As for life, I gloried in it. As for  God, I worshipped Him. I felt restored to life and in a redeemed state.

Let me share this with you. May it help. If and when you study a sphere, that is a fact. When you hear the music of the spheres and are frozen with joy, that is a Truth. If you can learn how to follow facts in your life as well as how to allow Truth in your life to grace it, you will have a more satisfying and better life. There need be noconflict. Both truth and facts can be sustaining. Yet the facts you gather may not be the facts I need, and the experience I had of God may not be an experience you have. God signals us He is there for us in a thousand different ways or more.

If you but learn to distinguish between truth and facts, and use them according to your needs, no matter how you are, things will be better. Then you can gather the facts you need to cope with your quantifiable life. Also you can obtain the deep refreshment and inner security you need at times from your spiritual life. To be without one or the other in your life is like going out to walk when missing a leg.  


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.