The Reality Of God

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One of the reasons I believe in God is because I have at times found myself in the living presence of that Invisible Spirit called God. I then know from personal experience the reality of God and that our Great Redeemer liveth. Many now, and in times past have found themselves with this awareness of God’s Presence.

A significant number of believers have had experiences of God. These experiences were not all the same but many, many people have testified to an awareness of God. All those who have experienced God in some way have had their lives immeasurably raised, expanded, fulfilled and enriched.

Now experiencing the Awareness and Presence of God did not make me perfect. Nor did this give me any special power that I know of. But as much as I can judge, the High God has enriched and raised my time on earth immeasurably by endowing me through His grace with a transcendent insight into the reality of God. His presence gave me, through His grace, a deeper meaning of life, as well as a wonderful awareness of the mysterious invisible Currents of Love and Grace we as individuals move in and among.

Before I had this mysterious awareness of God I knew only literally the great religious terms such as grace, justice, love and providence, but they seemed pale words, far off and drained of energy. They seemed somewhat clichéd terms in danger of becoming worn out words and very threadbare in their meaning. They were literal words without spiritual impact.

After my experience of God, I had a higher, deeper, truer, and more intense understanding of the real spiritual meaning of old, used words. The old terms now opened new vistas and worlds of experience. Instead of being drained spiritual realities, poorly expressed by worn out terms, the holy words began to sparkle with new meaning, new life and intensity.

A higher awareness of life, that is, the spiritual life, was opened to me. The true meaning of religion dawned on me. I now realize that I had been heretofore a spiritual barbarian, deeply unaware and ignorant of the full depth of true values. But now by the grace of God an old door had opened to show me new things. A trumpet had sounded on the other side, a trumpet causing feelings of higher aspiration quite impossible to ever forget. A spiritual sense of God’s grace and concern for others became more prominent in my thinking.

I do regret to say that after my experience of God, I felt a greater sinner, but such is life. I thought of myself as a worse sinner after my reveling in and enjoying the cleansing, empowering, revealing, grace of God, the Recycling Fountain of the Love and grace of God that is at the heart of the universe. Before my experience I did not quite realize how widespread, prevalent and deep the callousness and insensitivity of mankind is. I did not realize this because before I had nothing high and pure enough to contrast it with.

Awareness of God makes us appreciate grace more, but it causes us to understand the depths of our inadequacy better because we are tiny and finite creatures of earth with a limited supply of love to give others. While God’s love calls for and gives an infinite supply of redeeming compassion and patience. God also has that continuing kindly amused attitude of a parent who delights, laughs, loves and is amused by His little children. A true experience Of God reveals these wonderful qualities.

May you also have and enjoy true experiences of grace and periodic awareness of God. You may check if these have been true experiences of grace from God by the emotional feelings they leave, by their increasing your emotional intelligence, and by the spiritual growth left by them in your minds to sustain later. The experiences of God and the reality of Christ leave us with sustaining moments to strengthen us later. The experiences of God leave us great moments to ponder in our hearts and to rehearse in our minds.

Jesus taught that we should be born again in (John 3:3). He says “Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”         I dare say that I agree, the true spiritual experiences behind religion are what is needed for the best type of religious expression. The spiritual experience often switches on the light whereby terms of faith such as justice, grace, providence can be felt and understood. The church may be the stained glass window but our spiritual awareness and experiences furnish the light at night behind the church windows that we admire. It is the truth of positive spiritual experiences behind religion that gives religion true meaning.

Therefore I advise you, “Seek ye the Lord,” (Isaiah 55:6) The Great Invisible Spirit is out there, and through grace many times He has been found.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.