What Prayer Should Do

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Prayer is necessary to the Christian life. Everyone needs
personal companionship and communication with the Spirit
of God. It helps if you pray daily. Have a regular time
to rise above the world’s hysterical obsessions with things.
We live in a society that is a whirlpool of hysterical
materialism always trying to pull us under.

Things are okay and even necessary at times, but largely
things are secondary, shallow and irrelevant. What is really
important is the relationship with God that you and your
family has. What matters is that God is a part of your life.
The relationship with God, keeping communication with Him
open, is as necessary as food and water. Jesus said that
people could not live by bread alone. (Matthew 4:4 )

Prayer should be a joy, a pleasure, a time of daily
communication with God that restores you to a feeling of
creative benevolence about life. Prayer should be a time of
enhancement in your living. Open your hearts
to God. Tell Him what bothers you, what exasperates you,
what puzzles you, what amuses you. Reaffirm the feeling
of love, trust, security you get from God.

Observe mankind with God and be delighted by it. Smile at His
children as you do with your children. Learn to laugh at sins
as silly and beneath you. Re-establish a sense of transcendence
and sense of proportion. In prayer you; can get serious with
God about things, but the fact God is in control should help
you lighten up too. God is always weaving new pictures in grace
out of the variables of life He is given. With this awareness
you may find the peace that enables you to rest in the Lord,
ever reaffirmed yourself and ever affirming others through
prayer and kind actions. (Ephesians 4: 32)

Pray to God about the working project you should have to
serve others. In working together, you will be amazed at
how you see God come to life. From working with God,
we realize God is. Through doing for God, you realize the
being of God. Doing for God takes prayer for His guidance
and help.

We as church members and believers are as dark as stained
glass windows at night. Only if prayer, faith and grace
illuminate the windows, then will an illumination be. As prayer
shows out the light of grace to illuminate the stained glass
in ourselves, only then is Christ’s presence clearly seen in us.
Pray that God sends grace to illuminate us as individuals and
churches. This may be done through prayer.
If the Bible is read, only at those times the Holy
Spirit illuminates it for us, is the divine truth behind the
words and actions seen. Pray that God opens the Bible to readers
of it. Prayer is keeping communication with God open. Open your
hearts to God in everything. Pray. Clean out your hearts.

Pray to DEVELOP A relationship with Christ out of your heart
much as children develop your heart. Open your hearts
to God that a relationship with Christ may grow in your
hearts. Through prayer the love of Christ develops in
and grows in our hearts.

To open your hearts, it is not necessary to close your
eyes. Open your eyes to the spiritual dimensions of life.
Behind what is there is a God who is. Companionship with Him
is deeper and more than the what is that He formed.

There is a fountain filled with grace, a Spirit
at the center of all universals, redeeming, refreshing,
recycling and rearranging the variables in life, creating new
spiritual designs in living while restoring older ones.

You live better and more fully in Christ, but you must
pray. You must do good things. Good things prime
the pump of grace. Grace will fall on you.
It will  “Drop down ... from above, and ... the skies
pour down righteousness: let the earth open, and let them
bring forth salvation, and let righteousness spring
up... I, the Lord have created it.” (Isaiah 45:8 )


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.