A Modern Psalm

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Let us glory in the iron and irony of God. God has both the iron to say, no, to us and the irony to work things out on a different level. I am always surprised how God uses us. Of course He thinks on a higher level than our monkey minds do. His horizons are beyond and bigger than ours. His arias are higher and more complex.

What we never conceive may happen. It often does. His grace reigns over our limited reality of insights. Let us glory in the iron and ironies of God. How He uses us. How He ultimately disabuses us. Always the truth is vindicated, if slowly, still ultimately. Exult in Jehovah. Laugh at His irony, enjoy His love, have faith in His Will for us. His name is Emanuel. It means God With Us. He is.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.