A Modern Psalm II

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Let us worship and praise God confused as we are or may be in life or by life. It is not unusual to be up against a wall. Troublesome, odd and confusing things are forever happening. But let us not lose our bearings and be too confused by the vagaries of life. Through worship let us be anchored in Christ's love.

Whatever happens, let us truly reflect Godís love by becoming instruments of Godís grace in helping others.

Let us seek the life of the spirit of Christ in God. Let us eschew bitterness, moral insanity, or becoming barbarians without spiritual direction. Save us from being merely materialistic and contemptible persons. Let us praise and worship God. Though that we find a central meaning for our lives. Praise the Lord. Establish His permanence in your lives. Let what happens happen in God. He is with us. glory in His name.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.