If a Bird Flies

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Do not be afraid of being called “unscientific” today if you believe in God. Certain views are uniformly held today by small minded liberals. Being called “unscientific” today is the new equivalent of being termed “wicked heretic” in the Middle Ages as Martin Luther was called.

The stand that made a heretic in the Middle Ages was believing beyond or differently from creeds. The attitude of today is largely the same. You are not “supposed” to consider what is non-scientific. That is, what is beyond the scientific knowledge of today. But nearly everything mankind needs to know, and vast amounts of knowledge beyond that is not verifiable today. God is included under non-verifiable so must be dismissed.

So if you believe in God, you are the modern version of a wicked heretic to liberals and other people who have a medieval cast of mind: heretic believers and non-heretic atheists.

Now I maintain we may have an independent mind. We ought to have independent minds to reach independent conclusions on subjects like God where conclusive information according to scientists is not in. Now this is my view:

Mankind is made to believe in God by nature. People instinctively believe in God in both good and bad, in ALL situations. My assumption is: if nature gives a bird wings, it means it to fly. Belief in God is buried in and instinctive to mankind, therefore mankind is made to believe in God.

The person who does not believe is like a bird who does not fly. The crippled bird never achieves, finds, or discovers what it was made for. It, will never realize the high points of its destiny. Nor shall a person who will not believe.

So believe and fulfill yourself. Believing involves morally awakening and loving. It is through belief, trusting, loving, and awakening the divine awareness in us, that we as individuals and societies discover our true spiritual natures and find ourselves.

This is not to say the material is not a part of life. It is. But the spiritual is the crown and ultimate fulfillment of life. And nearly everyone has seen that in wise fulfillment of our abilities and nature is the highest happiness and best living found.

Women in motherhood often find a meaningful discovering of happiness. In exercising some of the aspects of fulfilling happiness socially, men discover meaning and happiness. And in spiritual fulfillment of the ability to believe in God, many, many people find joy and spiritual fulfillment in living.

How very silly is the view point the liberals have tried to curse mankind with in arguing there is no God because He has not been scientifically proved. That is like saying there is to be no love for you as you haven’t found a spouse as of yet. Or because you have not had thirty years of marriage to prove him or her in marriage, no love exists. That is like saying there is to be no child for you because the baby is yet unborn and in the future.

Do not feel you have to wait to believe in God until questionable extant liberal theories are proved. You are merely postponing the life and fulfillment you were created for by not taking pleasure in a God you were created to enjoy. You are denying God, life, and many, many enjoyable positive spiritual experiences you were meant to enjoy and have not by putting off belief.

Do not be the poor, scared self-crippled bird who never flies. Its wings are eternal proof flight was meant by God in nature to happen. A belief in God was meant to be by the Creator God by placing such deep belief in God in each of us. We know there is God because a belief in God is deeply buried in us. In the same way we know birds are meant to fly because they have wings to fly. Plain reason shows us flight for the bird and belief in God are in nature.

Martin Luther argued at Worms that he was the captive of the Word of God and Plain Reason. He said he wanted to see things by the Word of God or Plain Reason before he recanted his beliefs. By plain reason the wings on birds show birds are meant to fly. Whatever minor deviations there may be, the generalization holds. Wings show birds were meant to fly. Plain Reason. Wings point to the reality of flight.

The same may be said of the existence of God. The deep God-belief nature has implanted in mankind shows by Plain Reason existence of a Divine Spirit. It is truth by obvious association. God loves us. He does not lie to us. We know common truths from common grace inside of us just as mothers learn love from their babies. We learn of love and God from nature’s grace inside of us at great moments, sad moments, and fox hole moments. The God within us reaches out to God. There is a common grace inside of us so we know of the existence of God that we may believe, be thankful and enjoy.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.