Modern Psalm 5

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Hear my thanks, Lord. I thank thee for the feelings of Thy Presence. I have sensed Thy Spiritual Presence. Let those who say there is no God remain insensate and insensitive lumps of earth. Clods never feel. But I know God is real. I have felt God.

I have been drawn up to God, cleansed, purified, spiritually re-oriented and released to earth again. So I glorify Thee. In this is the strength of religion that I have sensed God. I have met God. It's the personal relationship that gives motivation and inner certainty. Seek it, it can be found. I tell you this. You may know the reality of Christ.

Religion is guaranteed by personal relationships with God. At those times we see the light shining through the trees. We glimpse the sun sparkling behind the shadows of a lesser and confusing reality. Look for the light that often and always is breaking through. Give glory to God that it is and He is. Break through to us, oh heavenly light sang Bach. He knew God breaks through. Be assured in a vain and silly era of the reality of Christ.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.