Modern Psalm III

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Rejoice in God and respect religion. But this can be hard to do unless you are careful to avoid those who call doctrine and dogma true religion and make religion ugly. How do we make any religion ugly? By not having the right spirit. Religion calls for the right spirit of love and holiness.

So what if religions have differences? The walnut tree is different from the maple tree. The products of the trees are different as are their leaves. They are both trees. Woe to the foolish tree that says it is the only tree.

In religion there is the right spirit. If one has dogmas but no love, what good is it? If two are married but without love, are they really married? It takes love to make a marriage. It takes love to make a real religion.

We live in an age of many dogmas but not much religion. Do not be caught up in empty religion: hate, dogmas and commandments. Have a religion of love. God is love. Exalt Him for it.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.