The Talking Dilemma

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High positive religion consists of purifying wells and rivers of spiritual transcendence, trust, compassion, humanitas, reverence for creation, and personal communion with God This is to name a few of the positive social consequences of the rivers of the Great Spirit High positive religion is not something the world can do without High spiritual religion with positive consequences is not only a luxury but a necessity for higher living But is high religion often practiced?

Now there is also a lower form of religion that is literal, flat and spiritually yeastless. The believers in it simply do not rise to spiritual awareness, heavenly transcendence and compassionate grace This literal religion is any that has bitterly held creeds without any spiritual understanding and applying of the redemptive love that comes from grace

Many Christians have enough faith to fight others but not enough to help others outside their faith Liberalism is simply a no-faith faith In the United States the liberal non-faith faith or anti-faith faith runs a non-elected but practical government on nearly all level of Departments, Courts and Education through professional liberal politically appointed by compromising and motivated politicians

The judges of liberal anti-faith religion placed by appointment at nearly every level of rule in the United States are advocates of Pseudo Reason against faiths and morality Historically liberals are most like the political groups of the French Revolution who changed churches into “Temple of Reason,” The Temples of Reason eventually presided over the mass beheadings and slaughter of the “Terror” (Churches should be Temples of Compassion, Spiritual Awareness, and Character Recycling Liberalism includes none or few of these virtues)

Now we should NOT be slow in forgetting the positive contributions spiritual, high, positive religion makes to peoples and communities We should be wary and suspicious of the Reign Of Terror Of Liberalism against decency (The ultimate critique of pure reason is that it does not last without an emotion or principle to base it on)

We should also be fair and recall the shallow, harmful, too literal creeds that led to hate instead of loving Some did lead to hate, bitterness and accepting the status quo without improving it After all there is always something wrong in the status quo and something right Ranting about an impossible idealism as an excuse to stir up discord is short sighted and myopic Low religions have done this at times. Honesty demands this be said

An inane thing to do is to maintain a shallow, excessively creedal and non-spiritual religion, then broadcast an impractical idealistic fantasy to justify it But it has been done.

Religion should not be looked to as the tool of an impossible perfectionizing of life As long as people are sinners, and people will be sinners until they are translated to the spiritual frequency, we must accept people as imperfect and accept our fate to be the cherishing, comforting and betterment of sinners but never the perfecting of mankind Only God and miracles of His grace can perfect mankind LEAVE PERFECTION TO HEAVEN Work with the sensible progress you can make

At the end of our now the present analysis of world faith must be religion is caught between those too literal, violent and intense or too liberal and uncaring The sad fact is liberal religion is irrelevant and amoral but literal religion is too intense and divisive.

Religion in many cases now seems off brand or unbalanced Where is the spirit of God in all these religions? The Holy Spirit is largely lacking So it is up to each of us to have or find or rather, rediscover and reclaim the transcendent Spirit of God, the touch of genuine grace that is so lacking in religions today I suggest God can be sought and found Perhaps not in all cases, but in enough to be accommodating and improve the quality of human life on earth.

To say that things about God are misunderstood in this confusing era does not mean there is no God It means that human nature, which is prone to confusion, is once more confused about God and what His priorities are.

One thing we have overlooked in Western Christianity (which has turned a religion for the heart into an exercise for the mind) is that creedal uniformity or intellectual agreement is not the Way Religious uniformity has very little to do with living the Christian life Agreement on a literal creed does not mean the Christian spiritual life is being practiced The world does not need a religion that is not going to be practiced So far that is largely what the world has seen That is the religious dilemma Worship is doing for God But the religions of all types have largely turned worship into getting together and talking unused knowledge Why not try putting a working God back into the talk, talk, talking religions of the world


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