The Technological Fish Bowl

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Countries such as America or all those in decadent “Western Civilization” are living in a technological fish bowl. It has created a totally false impression of life through this technology that shields them from the truths of reality.

Of course the big question for many is: When is the fish bowl going to crack as in, say, an atomic war? When the fish bowl cracks, the world of the technologically addicted will be gone. They will lie on the earth, gasping and dying, without technological oxygen. This future could occur anytime. The world is in a chaotic state. The technology the world is addicted to has brought it closer to massive disaster than ever before in history.

While it is only honest to state frankly the technological fish bowl could crack under pressure, strain or stress at any moment, what is worse than a sudden massive world disaster is the mental ignorance technology has involved us in.

Let us look at it this way: Mankind can control some actions of nature, but the part of nature mankind needs to control, human nature, is presently not controllable. The state of mankind is violent, selfish, passionate, ignorant and sinful.

People in great numbers are completely out of touch with the reality that is the true nature of things which is hidden by nature and human selfishness. In an era where the world can explode and society may implode most people are leading quiet lives of selfishness and materialism. Technology has deprived people of the access to the influences that give wisdom and common sense, caring for others and spiritual unity.

For example the children of today, and many of the adults understand nothing about nature because they have no contact with it. They understand nature about as well as Marie Antoinette on a palace picnic. From our industrial Versailles, we go to dabble in nature like a true technocrat. How shall one cultivate wisdom without a knowledge of nature. Nature is a fount of wisdom, but fools do not understands the truths it speaks.

Our children are not raised on the wisdom of nature as were, say, the Founding Fathers of America, but they are raised on the brutality and obscenity of sex and crime crazed television. Their lives are blighted by this technology. It is used to blot their lives with selfish, bitter sexual views and the expressions of obscene criminal knowledge spread constantly by television.

Now are the little fish swimming in the fish bowls of technology taught to respect spiritual principles? No, but I suggest it is only by the use of spiritual principles that the world and mankind will endure. Say what you will, it was only by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and other holy men of different faiths but similar intentions that loving or caring for others was widely introduced and spread to the people.

It is also true that the spiritual preaching of Christ and other holy ones gave caring for others a non-intellectual religious foundation that could stick. Their views on exercising caring were not limited to the elite. The Good News that carried an ethical obligation was spread to all mankind.

What is worse than being a member of a society swimming in a technology fish bowl (that may crack under stress anytime) is living with the separation from the influences of wisdom that reality has traditionally afforded. There are many such influences. One of the primary influences we have become separated from is nature. Modern man has been taught how to use nature but now how to be a peaceful part of nature.

Some other detrimental influences of technology upon the minds of the people in the cracking fish bowl of society can be noted. One idiot desire is for everything to be done instantly. Technology has encouraged ignorance and shallow thinking. The development of the type of character needed in this fish bowl civilization cannot be done quickly or easily or with a few shallow precepts. The development of character takes time, training, interaction, experience, a sound mind in the student and non-liberal minded teachers who are not trying to be cute instead of pious.

I would remind you that we live in a society made into a fish bowl of non-reality. The technological society around us has filled our lives with obscenity and false values. It has primarily defined the needs of mankind as mere materialism. It has not faced part of the selfish nature of mankind for what it is.

Democracy is a nice little effort to solve the problems of mankind but it won’t completely work. The Book of Jeremiah reminds us in 5:27 (KJV) “the heart of man is deceitful above all things.” Mankind needs a Redeemer to help him redeem himself, to consider his heart, and to consider others.

As a preacher it is my duty to tell you that while you may improve your life by living by spiritual principles, you will not understand these principles as well as you should unless you know Christ and accept Him as your personal help, savior and redeemer. This is difficult to do in the comically sinful world of the technology fish bowl. That world is where minds are spiritually off balance and awareness of souls is dead.

But knowing Christ can happen. Countless people of the past and present have done this. Christ is a Reality. His Spirit walks the earth both night and day. I have met Him. You may too.

Also the grace of God shines on the earth night and day with light, life, health and enlightenment. This includes His special grace of divine redeeming love as God the Son, and the common grace of God the Father carrying life and light twenty four hours a day seven days a week.

Seek God. HE MAY APPEAR IN VARIOUS WAYS, BUT WHEN YOU FIND HIM, YOU WILL KNOW HIM. Then you will not understand everything, but you will know the Reality of Christ’s love. It is only fair that I tell you I have met Him. This is so you will look for Him. If meeting Christ or experiencing grace does not make you know everything, it does affirm your knowledge that Christ is a reality. And that can change a lot for you, deepening your faith and changing attitudes that need trust. To know that Trusting Love is at the center of the universe recycling your life and your error is no mean thing.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.