Why Be Shocked By Evil?

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As the Apostle says, humans reap what they sow. Do not be shocked by the evil around you. If you look around, you will see evil, selfishness, lack of consideration for others or lack of consideration for the future being sown in a big way.

Turn on the television. Look at the programs. Crime, evil, conflict. Television entertainment is usually conflict oriented. It is not interested in harmony. When there is harmony achieved on televisions crime shows it is the usually through the application of violence applied to the violent. Violence is only a temporary answer. The vendetta of life goes on. When have you seen television entertainment where harmony is brought about through the non-violent actions of others?

In the constant babbling of the media attacking us on the news, the radio, the newspapers, we find yellow journalism and a sensation crazy media trying to use the bizarre to titillate the jaded so more newspapers will be bought and more television watched. In this way more money will be made.

The days are filled with bad entertainment, political pandering, and interest groups trying to manipulate people for profit their not ours.

Consider turning off the television some times during the day. Search for the rhythms of life that settle the mind and redeem the heart. Take a walk. Play with a child. Grow a garden. Study that which makes you feel positive.

If you watch a sunset listen to great geometrically based music, read sacred writings, pray, you may revive the natural and spiritual life. tune it to elementals.

After all most are a part of a country where we must spend the day making money and then are hit with others trying to manipulate us through the media with brutality or the bizarre the minute we enter the door of our homes. After a day at a job to promote selfishness and necessary money, we are hit by brutal crimes for our entertainment and relaxation. Then we get the bizarre in the news. The narcisstic Hollywood agenda may be striking again. Or, if the channel is switched, you may hear the usual pandering by political compromisers who are proposing to save the world by giving up everything moral, decent and concerned.

But shut off the television and think about something besides money for a while. Seek the Kingdom of God. Seek the Kingdom of nature. Seek an interior self. Seek an inner self. If you donít know you have a soul, discover it.

The fact is the life so any are unthinkingly leading, is killing the best in them. It is killing morality, making a mockery of faith, polluting the air and dirtying the water. The life offered the people, and many remember no other is strange, industrial, selfish, brutal, and eccentric. It is without  satisfaction because it lacks the positive content that could cause a regeneration of the heart.

We live in a technical age. That is people are searching for better techniques. There is nothing wrong with that but a technique is not the answer. We have techniques but lack the substance, the right spirit in using them.

In government for example, it is not technique of government that will save the people. Talk as you wish about any strategy of government. Democracy is a fine one, but no kind of government will work unless the hearts of the people in the country are good as well as trusting. No technique of government works without trust, any works with it.

No government or much of anything will work on technique alone. The technique used to bring the news may make a difference in how fast it gets there, but it doesnít change the news. If your mother is dead, it doesnít matter if the news comes by horse, railroad, telegraph, wireless, airplane or whatever, It is still bad news that will make your heart drop inside of you.

Do not tell me a technique used, like democracy is going to be the conversion of the heart and maker of trust. Yet that is what is being told abroad today. It is the Big Evasion of our era. All technique can do is enable you to live a little better or longer, maybe both, but it wonít change the facts. For example Hitler was elected by the people.

The Big Things donít change. The country needs to face the fact it will work well only if the people trust in it. To do that the people need good hearts and a sense of their own spiritual redemption and welfare.

The people of the nation need to realize that every person needs a spiritual inner life as well as a material outer life. Therefore I suggest that in the midst of a people busily occupied with evil some need to discover that spiritual life exists.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.