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The actions of God often have a twist of irony and surprise that make us say, “Glory, Glory,” and laugh from a delight deep within or chuckle with amused, amazed satisfaction. We are not laughing at anyone so much as we are satisfied and thrilled by the ways of grace, mysterious grace, surprising grace. This laughter is a part of worship.

Worship is a normal part of life. It will always be a normal response as part of our being as humans. Worship is as natural to mankind as singing. Worship will always continue and go on as long as there is humanity. Worship like singing is always to be a natural expression of our humanity. Never to feel the urge to worship is subhuman.

Part of worship is a laughing delight in the mysterious creations of God and the ways of His grace in redemption. This sense of laughing delight as a part of worship will always be with us.

One does not laugh at the crucifixion, but one does laugh positively and deeply at the resurrection. The religious do not just believe but they know Jesus rose. It is a sign and symbol of the victory of grace in that Jesus, like Lazarus, sat up and shouted.

The resurrection of Jesus was an amazing irony, a delightful surprise, not really expected though prophesied in truth. The realization of life returning to Jesus brings joy and happy laughter. Joy and laughter are affirmations of the triumph of grace found in elemental rhythms of grace deep in the universe.

Always people full of life will unite to praise just as everywhere people unite to sing. Expressions in singing as well in worshipping are spontaneous affirmations of deep elemental rhythms that we know from inside of us.

Now what we sing may be disagreed upon, but that we sing validates universal feelings we all know. It comes from a higher truth from deep inside of us seeking expression. These are affirmations of elemental feelings, feelings which are representative of true elemental rhythms in the universal life of peoples everywhere.

It is sad, very sad and desolating, how modern society has deserted true feelings of self and God that must be exercised to be fully and truly human. God must be affirmed in human life. The true vision of God can be argued about, refined, or sublimated but the God vision should not be denied or repressed. If so, the spiritual health of individual humans and humanity at large is weakened.

Modern society often makes religion heavy, un-natural, repressive, drab, dull and flat. Modern society often grows a religion that is without yeast, to use a Biblical figure of speech.

We must restore natural religion that is in tune with the needs and desires and normal expressions of humanity. We need to rediscover the natural expression of religion based on universal elemental rhythms that are buried in humanity at large and in individuals.

The praise of God is as natural to humanity as singing. We need to rediscover true feelings of praise and religion that are largely lacking in these drab, dry and dead congregations where feelings of the normal sort seem to have been banished.

I find religions lacking in joy in God’s creation. They are lacking in a redemptive awareness of the QUIET GOOD FEELINGS that can come from being BORN AGAIN SPIRITUALLY whether dramatically or a growth through calming grace. I find THE Western religions wanting in the ACCEPTANCE of the irrational within that is God. This acceptance of a God beyond reason creates the highest and most compassionate reasoning like unto God.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.