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The United States has a spiritual cancer that it tries to treat by applying or changing political band aids. Of course the political band aids may help on small wounds in tiny areas, but it does nothing for the primary problem.

The primary problem is a moral degeneracy and a spiritual breakdown that affects everyone. Dope is everywhere. Alcoholism is rampant. The prisons are full. The schools are generally interested in talking a balanced social adjustment philosophy that is as silly as it is impossible, due to human nature.

Money seems the measure of all things in society. Plutocracies pretend to be democracies. Fraud seems to be everywhere. Outrageous advertising manipulates and corrodes the public mind. Money elects. Meanwhile raw and brutal television footage panders its obscenities to the ignorant and its clichťs to the unthinking. The mass mind of the public is lowered, corrupted and brutalized. Government rule is in the minds of liberals who are, well, irrelevant to the human situation and at odds with the created nature of mankind. Of course all here mentioned, is only for starters. But if you canít see the obvious, you donít want to see it. Why go further?

Western civilization boosted by technology, nevertheless, is in a period of mass spiritual degeneracy. What is needed is a spiritual reaffirmation, but donít think the mass spiritual conversion of the world is going to happen. We are not going to convert everybody in the world now. That is absolutely overly idealistic twaddle.

What we need is enough spiritualization of the world to improve it and make it better. We cannot remake the world but we can redirect it to something better in values and reality than it has now.

We need spiritual yeast in an unleavened society. The challenge is to put the yeast in the bread, to furnish enough of Christ to make the quality of life liveable through a chosen few, a grace filled lot, who will make things better for all by their work. But the world will certainly not be made perfect.

I suggest one reason America is in such a decadent situation is the elimination by death of the good minority of America now gone, who formerly gave salt to the earth for us. Today so many of the decent are dead, to be replaced by liberals with sick values in government and by new people in religion with no religion. If the churches are higher, the morals are lower. Look for yourself. Open your eyes. Pray with your eyes closed, but live with your eyes opened. Do not refuse to face things.

Now corruptions of mistrust sour society everywhere. Few trust. Few believe. Few serve. Who can blame them? Now is a time of hate, mistrust, literalism in religion, liberalism is politics. The country is a spiritual and moral disaster area where everyone is set loose to survive the lack of trust created by literalism and liberalism. The literal will not listen and the liberal will not believe.

People are saved by God through trust and belief, but in a society decadent as ours, they are kept save best by no trust at all. And with some of the ones who believe, what have you got? How can you seek salvation in churches where people donít know what salvation or spiritual living is? Can the blind lead the blind? Will not all fall into the ditch? (Matthew 15:14)

America is a degeneration of the spiritual in a time that is technologically advanced. Technological success seems to have gone to its head and caused it to be empty, liberal, shallow, materialistic and without good values in its thinking. But do you think the world does not notice it? Do you think God does not see the little we are does not make up for the greater things we are not?


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.