Holy Bread

Blue Horizontal Line


As my mother's firm hands worked the dough,
To make bread for her family in a coming week,
Gods grace kneads His learning into us,
As His grace must be spread all through us,
His yeast and grace worked in,
So similar to the way she is making the dough,
In a steady beating, palm down pressing, pushing,
Turning out, caressing, pressure, pressure,
A slap and a swat, all coming round, putting us upside down,
Then a moving up and rounding, blistering again and then a pounding, Making it and us to rise up, double, then go down, well slammed around.                                                                                                 Life is to be rearranged, always changed and made up of good beatings,                                                                                           Which are very rarely ceasing,
But a purpose is in mind.

God's grace is working deep within us,
Teaching us things we might well prefer to avoid,
Rather as the kneaded dough would (if it could be questioned,)     Prefer to skip any of the yeast that must be pounded in.
If dough and flesh is to form that higher state of spirit filled being,     That will make it into bread fair fit for others to consume,
Then there must be a kneading time.

For life is not an easy undertaking, as all know,
The love and grace given us must be worked into our and others' lives to benefit all best.                                                                                 The world in its natural irony, God in His higher irony, demands this:
Whatever love, grace and sense of life we have,
Must be smashed, mashed, twisted, intermixed, pressured, pounded, debased,                                                                                          Kneaded, dented, churched and churned, blended, married, and above all, miscarried,
So that out of these miscarriages and incidents a new and better awareness of life be formed.                                                                 For it is not according to what we like, but according to how we are bettered, that our lives                                                                          Are kneaded and pressured to advance Christ.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.