Christ Blazing

Blue Horizontal Line


If we are to save or change the land,
We must set Christ blazing in more hearts,
And warming cold and Christless hearths.
Never fear, the fire of Christ,
Will not go out.
No one ever falls from grace,
Though the intensity of the Divinity may vary,,
According to the person and the phase lifeís in.
But once started grace never stops,
Much like the world once spun off,
Is always turning,
One asks not if it turns,
But the current status of its revolving,
And can the light of a reflected moon be seen?

Once lit, never out,
Once saved by grace, always saved.
Even if Christ blaze not so bright in poor times,
Yet in richer times Christ may not blaze at all,
But no matter,
Christ may seem eclipsed,
But then revival comes.
The flames of Christ leap up, jump high,
And you may feel in the Third Heaven,
Paradise fallen on you before your time to die,
This happened to the Apostle;
Or the fire of Christ may be a moderate burning,
The radiating and cherishing of a benevolent heart.
Or Christís love may smolder and warm sweetly,
The reddish embers burn low serenely,
As the old ones nod off during the sermon,
Or when they steal quietly to an eternal home,
As they like all must fly away,
Come the soulís proud rising day.

A transportation of fire was sent by God,
For the prophet, Elijah, to be taken to Heaven in,
As the prophet rose higher,
He had to squint to see,
A cantankerous world being left behind,
A place where life had not been kind.
A new perspective he could see,
And he was happy he was going to love and grace.
And our flames of Christ that vary so within
Redemptively burning away our sins,
Can always be turned into chariots of fire,
Where those who pray, transcend.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.